Victoria Beckham Says ‘Being Thin’ Is ‘Old Fashioned’

Wanting to be “very slim” is a “old-fashioned attitude,” according to Victoria Beckham.

“I think women today want to look healthy and voluptuous,” said the Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer, who was famous for her lean body in the 2000s. They want some boobs, as well as a bum.”

The 48-year-old continued, “the better my VB Body dresses look the curvier you are.”

Beckham is referring to her permanent capsule collection, which features form-fitting knitted items that hug the body. On the Victoria Beckham website, these ensembles are available in UK sizes 6 to 18.

“It’s not about how big you are. In her interview with Grazia, Beckham stated, “It’s about understanding who you are and being pleased with who you are.”

“I’ve found my own happy medium between wanting to have a good time and being rigorous about eating well and exercising.” You struggle against that balance when you’re younger, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned what that equilibrium looks like. “I simply know what works best for me.”

Beckham has already spoken about the pressure she felt to be thin when in the Spice Girls. “In the gym, instead of examining my posture and stance, I was checking the size of my bottom or to see if my double chin was getting any smaller,” she told the Associated Press in 2014.

“Every lady likes a great, round, curvy bottom, right?” she says of her capsule collection, which starts at £90.

“A really tight knit that nips you in at the waist and holds you in all the appropriate places is required for that.”

Beckham also stated that moving to Miami, Florida introduced her to more curvaceous ladies.

She stated, “There are a lot of incredibly curvaceous women in Miami, and they really embrace it.”

“They are very confident in showing off their bodies.” I thought their attitude and manner to be quite liberating. As a mother, I appreciated that Harper was surrounded by women who were proud of their curves and delighted in their appearance.”

Beckham also stated that she wants “as fantastic a bottom as I can get,” implying that she had switched from “loads of cardio” to lifting heavy weights five or six days a week with husband David Beckham and a personal trainer.

“I’ve always been a little afraid of weights, but it turns out I adore them,” Beckham said, adding that David is a “hilarious” exercise partner but “always the one who procrastinates.”



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