Opinion: Why Do People Take So Much Pleasure In Attacking Amber Heard?

You can’t go online or on social media these days without seeing something new concerning Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s defamation case. People appear to be enjoying Heard’s gradual death. Whatever your feelings about the case, one thing is certain: why are people so enthusiastic about bashing Amber Heard?

Amber Heard’s narrative about her allegedly false domestic violence charges against beloved Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has gone viral. People appear to be enjoying the fact that her charges are becoming increasingly bogus by the day. It has demonstrated how much the public enjoys “the other side” of such stories. Claims of anti-white racism, woman-to-man abuse, and fake rape accusations, among other things. Despite how often they occur, these kind of stories rarely elicit the same level of emotion, or dare I say, delight, in their customary shape.

When Amber Heard first made her charges public, she received a lot of support. However, the sympathy she received pales in comparison to the hatred she has faced since the claims were dismissed. People appear to be taking great pleasure in pulling the actress apart online.

Actual serious debates about the case on online forums frequently devolve into thousands of individuals just writing “F***k Amber Heard.” To describe her, some have resorted to utilizing misogynistic profane remarks. Famous podcasters like Joe Rogan have labeled her a “crazy actress” and have made snap judgments on a person and trial that is still ongoing. The story and everything Amber Heard has ever done wrong are being covered in articles.

It doesn’t matter what you think of the actress or whether you think she’s guilty, wrong, or whatever you want to call it right now. What’s more stunning, at least to me, is how quickly the public began to tear her apart the moment she was accused of domestic abuse. People rarely talk about Amber Heard in the same manner they talk about the case when it’s the other way around.

Has there ever been an online forum dedicated to spewing venom at any man who has ever raped or harmed a woman? Has there ever been a news cycle devoted to a man who committed the crimes that Heard initially accused Depp of?

We’ve seen it before when a black individual falsely accused a white person of racism or racially motivated mistreatment. It’s almost as if these folks are looking forward to finally being able to respond with a “well, it happens the other way around sometimes, too” and provide these particular examples.

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