What Do You See? These Optical Illusions Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

Your perspective on this optical illusion can reveal a lot about your personality. With the use of some psychological tactics, TikTok star Charles Meriot claims he can tell if someone is shy or confident. On his page, he posts optical illusions and personality tests, with others debating the clips’ legitimacy in the comments area. He just shared a video of a work of art that uses the hues blue, black, red, and yellow. “What did you see first?” he said in the description, and TikTok users began discussing their points of view.

According to The New York Post, Meriot then revealed which of the two photographs viewers were supposed to see. Either a spunky chicken or a pair of lips would appear, and which image you see initially reveals a much about your personality. “If you noticed the rooster first, it suggests you’re rather shy,” Meriot added. “You only like attention when you’re in the appropriate mood,” he continued. “If you noticed the mouth first, it suggests you’re confident, strong, and independent,” Meriot explains. “When things don’t go the way you want them to go, you might be a little bit stubborn and angry,” he continued.

On Meriot’s optical illusion and descriptions, viewers have differing perspectives. Some people believed they met all of the standards set forth by the TikTok star. “Someone stated,” said another “I saw the rooster and now I know what I’m not supposed to be doing (confident). I could be, but I’m not one of them.” Some people were perplexed by the image and discussed what they saw. “I’m still looking for the rooster,” one individual stated. “I saw a mouth eating the rooster,” another admitted.

Someone else has an entirely different point of view “I’m not sure why I thought the dot was a tongue pierced. I believe I failed or witnessed both.” Someone even went so far as to accuse Meriot of deception. “I think you’re bamboozling folks,” they stated in the comments.

According to The Sun, Meriot’s other optical illusion came to light when he questioned respondents whether they saw a flower or a woman’s profile in the photograph. “If you saw the flower first, it signifies you’re sensitive, emotional, and intuitive,” he stated in the video’s caption. “You’ll go to any length to support the people you care about,” he continued. If you see a woman’s profile, he says, “it suggests you’re a profound thinker, you’re wonderful at communicating, and you’re fantastic at giving advise.” Viewers questioned the validity and accuracy of his optical illusions once more.

Source: discover.lessonslearnedinlife.com


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