Frugal Bride Asks Guests to Pay for Their Meals in Unique Budget Wedding

In the age of social media, a lady and her newly wedded husband were featured on Good Morning America for organizing one of the most creative weddings. There’s no doubting that the wedding industry has become overly commercialized in recent years.

Brides and grooms who want to celebrate their love without spending a small fortune may find the commercialization of weddings to be a stressful ordeal. And it’s for this reason why Kiara and Joel Brokenbrough, with their frugal wedding plans, are such anomalies. Even their guests had to pay for their own meals, according to the couple.

Kiara expressed herself as follows:
“Our goal was to keep things as simple as possible,” says the designer.
“As well as to spend as little money as feasible.”
To put things in perspective, the national average for overall wedding costs in the United States is estimated to be roughly $30,000 per wedding. Kiara and Joel were able to throw a wedding for about $500.
Their wedding budget does not even come close to what most brides would spend on their gowns alone. Kiara’s gown, by the way, was only $47 and came from the well-known fast-fashion label Shein. In a TikTok video that has gone viral, she even boldly displayed her gown.
Kiara expressed herself as follows:
“I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress because I figured I’d just wear it once for a few hours,” she explained.
Many couples these days want to spend as much money as possible on their wedding because they want it to reflect the depth of their love. However, because so many of their friends are doing it, numerous couples are feeling pressured to have costly weddings.
Kiara and Joel, on the other hand, never let the pressure get to them. Despite the fact that some people thought their acts were strange, the pair stuck to their beliefs.
Finding a site that they didn’t have to pay for was one of the ways the couple was able to save money. Their marriages were held just off one of California’s major highways.
However, as Kiara’s Instagram images demonstrate, just because a place is free doesn’t imply it will be unattractive. They were also able to cut costs by letting guests pay for their own meals and beverages. Fortunately for Kiara and Joel, they had friends and family who believed in their vision of a low-cost, elegant wedding.
Kiara expressed herself as follows:
“You have a wedding, with witnesses present, pledging to your husband and to God that you will be together for the rest of your lives,” she says.
“After that, you have a party with food, beverages, and dancing.” That’s precisely what we accomplished.”
Kiara’s ultimate goal was to send a message to everyone that the goal for any couple is to have a wonderful marriage, not necessarily a beautiful wedding.

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