Susan Boyle Returns To Perform At ‘America’s Got Talent’ Ten Years Later She Earns A Coveted Golden Buzzer From Simon

It’s worth remembering that, despite never winning during her season on Britain’s Got Talent, Boyle sold over 15 million albums and garnered two GRAMMY nominations. Boyle believes that her singing career, which she had aspired to since she was five years old, was the ideal way to honor her mother.

Her mother, she noted, was extremely supportive and would love to see her pursue her dream of being a sultry pop singer. Susan spoke in a pre-recorded package before taking the stage on how her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent affected her life during America’s Got Talent.

Susan claimed that many people assumed she was a typical person who lived with her cat Pebbles. But everything changed after her first performance, and she transformed into a completely different person.

Susan donated the proceeds from the sale of her records to charities and good causes. Many people looked up to her as a role model as a result of this, and he was instrumental in the revival of America’s Got Talent for The Champions.

Her devotion was clear from the moment she walked onto the platform, as supporters erupted in applause, praising her and cheering her on. Susan fell down in tears due of the audience’s love after a fantastic performance that earned the ger the golden buzzer.



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