Interracial Couple Says Hateful Stares And Comments Only Make Them Stronger

They’ve been dating since they were in college and have a daughter together.

I long for the day when individuals are no longer judged by their physical appearance, skin color, culture, or religious beliefs. Unfortunately, as time passes and years pass, it appears that prejudice and hatred are becoming more prevalent, making the world a horrible place.

Fortunately, there are others who break through boundaries and offer us hope that the future will be brighter.

Brady and Asharel have an interracial relationship. They’ve been together since college and have a daughter together. With each passing day, their love becomes stronger, and they each claim to have met their soulmate in one another.

Unfortunately, society does not always accept interracial couples, and things can be difficult at times, but this amazing couple understands how to deal with the stares and glares.

“As an interracial couple, we have learnt to ignore some people while out in public,” Asharel explains in an interview with Love What Matters. My husband and I have never been upset by the glares and hostile stares, but we are aware of them. We’ve been together for so long and have progressed so far in our relationship that we just laugh and joke about how crazy it is that people still condemn interracial couples in 2020.”

They claim that now that they have a daughter, they will educate her to love everyone equally, regardless of skin color. “We’ll teach her that a person’s skin color does not define who they are,” Asharel says.



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