Heartfelt Wedding Speech From Brother Of Bride Leaves All In Tears And He’s Only 9 Years Old

Almost everyone is moved to tears by an emotive wedding speech given by the bride’s 9-year-old brother. And you don’t want to miss out on this priceless and moving moment, especially now that you know why this sincere toast is being given.

Gus admitted that his feelings were complex when he learned that his sister had gotten engaged. He was concerned that now that his favorite big sister, Catie Hudson, was engaged, she would spend less time with him.

He expressed his concern, saying, “I was scared she wouldn’t spend as much time with me as she used to.” “I didn’t want to lose her,” Gus explained, “so it was incredibly difficult in that regard.”

Despite the fact that the brothers are more than two decades apart in age, they remain exceptionally close. He adores spending time with her, and their bond is really strong. Until the wedding, that is. Until the wedding toasts, everything was going according to plan. That’s when Gus, the bride’s 9-year-old brother, stood up and delivered a heartfelt wedding speech.

As this adorable little brother took the microphone and talked straight to his sister and new brother-in-law, his lips quivered and tears welled up in his eyes.

“I’m overjoyed that you two married today. And, while I may appear sad from up here, these are tears of delight. “Catie, I adore you and am overjoyed that you gave me a brother-in-law,” Gus stated.

The new bride was completely taken aback. She couldn’t believe Gus had given the sweetest wedding toast she’d ever heard. When the bride’s brother was later asked why he said what he said in his wedding speech, Gus replied that fear should not keep you from your family. “Don’t let that separate you because you love them deeply and they love you deeply,” he said.

That is definitely a toast-worthy piece of wisdom. May Catie and Gus always be the best of friends, despite the fact that they are siblings. If you ask me, Catie is extremely fortunate to have such a loving and knowledgeable younger brother!

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