Groom’s Brother With Autism Gives A Best Man Speech That Leaves Wedding Guests In Tears

Madison married Jonah Waldron, and at the reception, the groom’s brother, who has autism, stepped up and gave the most beautiful speech. There wasn’t a single dry eye in the house!

It’s all about love at weddings. And the newlyweds are usually the center of attention.

The best man speech during Madison and Jonah Waldron’s wedding, however, highlights the brothers’ tremendous love.

Sam Waldron, 23, has autism and has difficulty in social situations such as weddings. When it came time for him to give the best man’s speech, however, he spoke from the heart.

Sam went on to say that Jonah is his best buddy and hero after proudly stating that he was the “best man to the best brother.”

Jonah is filled with emotion from the time the groom’s brother begins his speech. He understands how frightening social situations like this are for his younger sibling. So, even if Sam is terrified, the fact that he is speaking to nearly 200 people already means a lot.

However, when the groom’s brother shares his feelings, it becomes even more emotional.

Sam does an excellent job of incorporating humor into his speech, resulting in a lot of genuine laughs and applause. However, tears and laughter mix as he presents a passionate greeting to his new sister-in-law, underlining all the qualities that he and his family admire in her.

The tears start to flow again as the groom’s brother shifts the focus of his speech to Jonah.

The tears start to flow again as the groom’s brother shifts the focus of his speech to Jonah.

Sam explains why Jonah is his hero in greater detail.

“Even as your younger sibling, you never looked down on me.” You helped me up and kept an eye out for me. “You always reminded me that being unique is a virtue, not a flaw,” Sam explained. “You were, and are, patient and compassionate,” he continued. You accept me exactly as I am.”

Sam goes on to grab a few more laughs before concluding his speech by pleading with God to bless this lovely couple. Tears, applause, and joyous whoops ensue.

Sam, you did an excellent job!

The brotherly love between these two is very inspiring. In his speech, the groom’s brother expressed the love of Jesus Christ radiating through Jonah.



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