Will Smith Faces More Humiliation As Jada’s Ex-Lover Referenced ‘Entanglement’ With Her In New Song

Jada Pinkett Smith famously referred to her relationship with August Alsina, an R&B musician, as an entanglement. Will Smith was even invited to debate it on the discussion show Red Table Talk with the actress. And now, Alsina’s spanking new track, “Shake the World,” features the phrase or perhaps the affair.

“Well, of course, when you get mixed up with the world’s favorite,” Alsina was heard singing in a snippet he shared on his Instagram Page. According to a source, the singer, who was only 23 when he first met Jada, is planning a tell-all book about their sex relationship.

Alsina had revealed the truth about the romance a year before Jada did.

“He has long stated that Will gives him permission to sleep with Jada, something they have publicly denied,” the person reportedly continued.

The insider further stated that the book discusses how Alsina lived in Will’s residences while he was gone filming and that multiple publishers are interested in working with the singer and are giving the greatest offers. Jada’s official reaction to Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock, on the other hand, was posted on Instagram. “This is a season for healing, and I’m here for it,” it said.

Despite this, Jada said she hoped her husband hadn’t gotten physical, but she wasn’t angry, according to a source.

“It was in the heat of the moment, and it was him overreacting,” the insider told US Weekly about the event. He is well aware that she is well aware. They all agree that he reacted inappropriately.” “He didn’t need to do what he did,” they claimed, claiming that Jada was not a wallflower in need of protection.

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