Viral Tik Tok Video Reveals How Woman Married a Homeless Man and They Now Are a Happy Family of Four

It’s a love story that seems like it belongs in a movie. But this one is factual, and it’s documented in a few of TikTok videos that have gone viral. On her walk into a grocery store one day, a young woman met the love of her life. She’d tried to help him because he was a homeless man. Here’s how the woman met and married a homeless man, and now they had a family of four.

Jasmine Grogan was out grocery shopping one day when she observed a homeless man on her way in and stopped to assist him.

“While completing my grocery shopping, I came across a homeless man. I offered him money, but he refused…” In her viral TikTok narrative, Jasmine described how she married a homeless man.

When he denied the money, Jasmine went about her business, buying some groceries for herself at the supermarket, but her mind was still on the homeless man outside.

“I walked inside and continued to run my store, but couldn’t stop thinking about him…” she explains.

She went outdoors after finishing her shopping in the hopes of seeing him again.

“I went outside and asked if there was anything I could do to help him,” Jasmine wrote in a TikTok video that includes photos of the two of them. “He declined. He asked if I needed assistance loading my groceries into a taxi.”

Jasmine stated that she agreed to accept his assistance.

Jasmine claims that when the man assisted her into her taxi, she offered to take him out for a dinner because he refused to accept money.

She explained, “I asked if he wanted me to bring him anything to eat.” “He was embarrassed, but he agreed, and we went out to eat.”

And this was the beginning of their relationship.

“We had a long conversation about (his) life,” Jasmine writes in her popular video. I went out and purchased him a little phone so we could communicate.”

In her TikTok video about how she married a homeless man, Jasmine explains why she feels “there was something unusual about him.”


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After their supper, Jasmine got him a motel and went home, but they stayed in touch now that he had a phone, according to Jasmine. “I couldn’t stop thinking about him,” she explains.

He thanked her by text message. She exhibits screen images of their text exchanges in her TikTok.

“You’ve made my day,” he added, “thank you so much for everything, you are incredible, I can’t stop thinking about you xx.”

“You don’t have to thank me,” she replied, “I can’t get you out of my head either xx.”

Jasmine then invited the homeless man out to lunch and found him some clean clothing to wear. Some of the first outfits she gave him are shown in her film. The bond grew stronger after that…

Jasmine began dating the homeless man. She claims that they shaved his beard and that she assisted him in getting a new set of teeth. Her famous TikTok video depicts the man with both a beard and a shaved face. It also shows off his brand-new teeth.

In some of her TikTok videos, Jasmine writes, “He eventually got a really fantastic job.”

“We’ve never been apart since,” Jasmine recalls, referring to their meeting two years ago.

He ultimately proposed, and the two of them now have two children. In her account of how she married a homeless man, Jasmine includes a photo of the ring.

“He made a proposal to me… “Of course, I said yes,” Jasmine says in the video, with a heart emoji. “I’ll be Mrs. Murchie soon.”

“We’re still together and extremely happy,” Jasmine says in another viral TikTok video about how she married a homeless man, showing off the many images of them and their family.


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“He’s the best daddy,” Jasmine says of the man who was once homeless. He may be seen playing with and loving on the kids in a number of images.
“We are extremely grateful that our paths crossed and believe that everything occurs for a purpose.” He improved my life so tremendously that I couldn’t imagine going through it without him.”

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