Mom Thought She Had A Stomach Bug And Ended Up Giving Birth In A Hotel Bathroom

After mistaking her labor for a stomach bug, Victoya Venise ended up giving birth in a hotel bathroom. And this has to be one of the most unusual birth stories I’ve ever heard!

Life can be full of unexpected twists and turns. Giving birth in a hotel bathroom, on the other hand? That’s incredible. And that’s how Victoya Venise’s newest addition, son Rocky Andrew, arrived in the world!

The Louisiana mother was on a business trip in Georgia at the time of the unexpected birth, and wasn’t due for another couple of weeks. Her four-year-old daughter was sick with a stomach virus. Victoya attributed her discomfort to the bug, presuming she had caught it.

However, things took a strange turn when she returned to her hotel room!

Victoya Venise quickly learned that her stomach problems were not caused by a stomach illness when she gave birth in the hotel restroom.

She recounted, “I turned around, and there was the baby.” “I rushed up and snatched him from the toilet… I grabbed a towel and wrapped him in it.”

In this situation, a lot of things could have gone wrong. Victoya was informed of this by doctors and paramedics once help arrived and she was taken to the hospital. Victoya Venise, on the other hand, is extremely fortunate because she and her newborn son, Rocky, are both happy and healthy.

“I’m in love with him,” the mother exclaimed. “It’s been quite the adventure.”

Victoya is choosing to stay optimistic despite the fact that giving birth in a hotel toilet alone is daunting. She thinks it amusing how Rocky’s birth tale is reflected on his birth certificate.

“His place of birth will say Extended Stay America,” she explained, referring to the hotel where Victoya was staying.

Victoya’s decision to give birth in a hotel restroom turns out to have a larger purpose. The single mother admits she was considering adopting her second child. But everything changed once she gave birth unexpectedly.

“It made me feel connected to him and made me want to retain him,” she says. So I’m keeping him,” she declared.

Only God has the ability to perceive the big picture. And, on occasion, the moments we didn’t expect are just what we needed.

Victoya Venise adds, “It happened to teach me that you can accomplish this.” “Even though I’m a single mother, you’ll be able to look after him.” It gave me more confidence and convinced me that I could accomplish it. If I can achieve that, I’m sure I can do anything.”



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