Guy with Down Syndrome’s Insulted In A Restaurant For Slowly Taking His Orders Customers Decide They’ve Had Enough

Most of us are delighted to see people with disabilities thrive in the world, to watch them appear on television, to land modeling contracts, and to fulfill their educational and professional objectives, whatever they may be. Unfortunately, some people from the past still believe that this vital segment of our society does not have the right to self-determination.

When restaurant patrons were shown a guy verbally assaulting another patron owing to his disability, an episode of “What Would You Do” with John Quinones tried to address the issue. A lady in the video quickly decided she’d had enough.

People with Down syndrome can now do great things, hold important positions, and contribute to the betterment of society. Despite all of these advancements, there are still people who are uninformed and lack patience and understanding.

A man with Down syndrome sat at a seat, waiting for the waiter to take his order in the video below. When I asked the waitress what he wanted, she was quizzed on the menu options. Another man begins to vent his frustrations and treats him with complete disdain in the manufactured scene.

The scenario was staged to see how other attendees would respond, with no knowledge that it was being recorded. In the video below, you can see how they achieved it. A woman shivers as she becomes enraged.



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