Boss Gives Staff Four Day Week Without Pay Cut And Says Other Businesses Should Do The Same

After noting his employees were happier, healthier, and more relaxed after he implemented the measure, a salon owner is asking other businesses to give their employees four-day work weeks without a salary loss.
Since March 2020, when the epidemic arrived, Joel McCauley, co-owner of Slunks in Cardiff, has allowed employees to work a shorter week.
Slunks salon manager Chelsea Thompson. Credit: MEDIA WALES
His full-time employees now work four-day weeks for the same salary, and his part-time employees have received raises.
Apprentices are the only employees who work more than a four-day week, but they, too, will be eligible for the same bonus whenever they qualify.
Joel, who lives in Newport, says he’s noticed a difference in his team’s energy level and productivity.

“Covid-19 has been really difficult for industries like hairdressing, but it’s exposed some of the concerns that have always been — you may get stuck in a never-ending cycle of work, food, and sleep,” Joel added.

“What people don’t realize is that working in the hairdressing industry can be incredibly taxing. I’ve worked in salons where we were treated as if we were animals.

“I’ve seen young individuals in the industry turn to drugs and alcohol because they’re exhausted and don’t have the time to make positive changes in their lives,” says the author.

“Six-day weeks, back-to-back clients, bouncing from job to job because they don’t have time to consider or plan what they’ll do next.”

“Anxiety is common in the field, and I’ve experienced anxiety and sadness as a result of the long hours I worked. I developed a case of burnout.”

Now he’s urging other companies to do the same, which will be welcome news to many.

He went on to say: “This is simply a more efficient and healthy way of working. I truly believe humans were not designed to work full-time — how many people do you know who are continuously overworked and unhappy?

“When you have more time on your hands, you may think about life in new ways. You’ll probably have more energy at work and have fewer non-productive days.


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