Pregnant Teen Chose Adoption – 33 Years Later, She Reunites with Her Son

It is difficult for any woman to abandon her child because parenthood is such a great gift.

Sadly, placing the child with a family who can properly care for him is frequently the greatest decision.

This was on the thoughts of an 18-year-old mother as she gave birth to her kid.

She believed that adopting her son would give him a better future, and 33 years later, she was able to track him down and reconnect with him.

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Mom Reunites With Her 33-Year-Old Son Who Was Abandoned For Adoption

When Melanie Pressley became pregnant at the age of 18, she had to make the most difficult decision of her life.

Despite her desire to keep the kid, her then-boyfriend objected, alleging that he would not be an active father and urged her to abort the pregnancy.

The young mother was heartbroken, but she recognized she couldn’t financially support her child. She also wanted the boy to be raised by a couple instead of a single parent.

Because she was desperate, she decided to give birth to the child and place it for adoption.

On June 17, 1988, she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. She didn’t give the child a name since she wanted his adoptive parents to name him.

Despite the fact that it was completely forbidden, she carried the infant child in her arms for a few moments as her sister captured the precious event on camera.

For three decades, this photograph was Melanie’s only link to her son.

She marries and has three more children in the meantime. Despite this, she has never forgotten about her first son and thinks about him frequently, especially on June 17th.

She explained:

“There was still a smidgeon of the sorrow in me on that day.” And that’s pretty much the most straightforward way of putting it. You grieve for a while and then lament for the rest of your life.”

Greg Vossler, her son, on the other hand, had a happy childhood with his adoptive family. They first lived close to each other, but when he was seven, they moved to Virginia. When he was 9 or 10 years old, his parents informed him that he had been adopted.

He recalled:

“They told me I was adopted when I was nine or ten years old, or somewhere in that range, and that the mother who placed me for adoption thought I would have a better life elsewhere.”

Despite this, he had a happy life with a loving family and had no desire to learn more about his biological parents.

At some point, he came across descriptions of his birth parents, but no names or any information about them.

When questioned why he didn’t have a celebrity impersonator, he said he always laughed about it. Despite this, there was no denying that a flicker of awe lingered in the back of his mind.

He explained:

“My first son was called Gregory after the first blood relative I had ever met.” As a result, I was eager to establish that connection.”

He opted to take a DNA test through the website 23andMe in 2018 to learn more about his genetics. He was primarily motivated by a desire to understand more about his medical history, as he was unaware of his family’s medical history. He knew the site frequently identified new probable DNA relatives, so he decided to look into it one day.

Meanwhile, Melanie’s daughter Rachel was aware that her mother was grieving for her long-lost son and had desired to meet him for a long time, so she set out to find a way to bring the two together.

She gave her mother the 23-and-me DNA test with the intention of knowing more about her genetics for health reasons.

Melanie’s mother died of lung cancer despite never smoking or drinking, so Rachel recommended her to check for red-flag genes.

In just a few days, the site recognized Greg and Melanie as potential relatives!

Melanie immediately sent Greg a note inquiring about his age and birthday.

When the man confirmed his June 17 birthdate, his half-sister disclosed the truth: she believed she was his biological mother.

They started by emailing each other and then moved on to texting.

This summer, 33 years after they were originally separated, the mother and son finally met.

It was a sad reunion for Greg and his family when they traveled to Ohio to meet Melanie and her family.

According to Greg,

“Everyone is upset, and they’re all shaking hands or hugging.” ‘Hey, I’m your half-brother,’ or ‘Hey, I’m your half-sister,’ and so on. Melanie’s older sister, who was instrumental in allowing Melanie to snap that first photo, approached me and placed her hand on my cheek. It’s the first time in 33 years that she’s seen me. It’s a fantastic feeling. And this only goes to demonstrate that there’s always room for families to grow and more love to be given.”

His mother is proud of him and isn’t sure whether she made the correct decision because the Vossler family has raised him to be a wonderful man who is respectful, kind, and compassionate.

Both mom and kid were ecstatic to see each other, and Greg was especially delighted to meet his blood family.

Melanie will travel to Virginia to meet Greg’s adoptive parents and the rest of his family, and they’ve developed a plan.

According to Greg,

“Life has a strange way of giving you what you need rather than what you want. Such aspirations and needs sometimes coincide, but other times you don’t realize what you really need until later. Melanie’s family’s appearance in my life at this time has been a blessing. It’s brought back some memories and created some excitement.”

His mother went on to say:

“After I found him, it felt like my heart was whole again.” You get a little more knowledge as you get older, but there’s no shame in putting someone up for adoption. There are loving couples who are unable to have children but would relish the chance to raise a child.”



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