30 Years After Working Together, Women Discover They Are Half-Sisters

Imagine finding out that your long-lost family member—your half-sister—is your dear colleague.

It occurred to Cheryl Becker and Linda Rinaldi, believe it or not!

Linda Rinaldi is 69 years old, while Cheryl Becker is 68.

Over three decades ago, they met while working at a hospital in Connecticut.

Both women had a strong sense that they were related in some manner and that they shared something special.

Rinaldi explained:

“She has always been one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.”

Despite the fact that they met three decades ago, Rinaldi moved away, and they lost touch.

Ralph, Cheryl’s husband, developed an interest in genealogy and lineage, which changed everything.

This curiosity, according to Cheryl, was a blessing. She had been given a DNA test as a gift and had looked it up on one of the DNA websites.

While she believes she is half-French, half-Italian, her DNA tests revealed different.

She stated:

“It said I was from the British Isles,” I explained. It didn’t say Ireland, and it didn’t state I was completely Irish. But it didn’t say anything about my ethnicity, and that was all I knew.”

These findings made her feel as though she had been living a lie for the majority of her life. She stared in the glass, stunned, and kept asking herself, ‘Who am I?’

The fact that the man who raised her was not her biological father made things even worse.

Later, she stated:

“I don’t believe he was aware of it.”

She was befuddled by the pandemonium she was surrounded by.

The genealogy tests, on the other hand, gave the suspected half-sisters a glimpse of optimism.

In particular, the results revealed that she was linked to Linda Rinaldo.

She told her husband that she used to work with her and could tell it was the same person at this point.

‘Closely related or first cousin’ was all that was written in the outcome.

Rinaldi explained:

“All she told me was that we were related.” ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we were sisters?’ I joked. “I know you’re my sister,” she says.

Linda quipped that she had never expected to meet someone with a similar sense of humor as herself.

Nonetheless, the DNA test verified their suspicions: they were half-sisters!

They were only 16 months apart in age.

Linda made Cheryl Beckers recognize a sister’s talent, according to Cheryl Beckers, who describes it as a “blessing from above.”

“It was the fact that she greeted me with open arms.” She had just greeted me. That, I believe, was the turning point in my life.”

The sisters who have been missing for a long time now have all the time in the world to make up for lost time.

Becker went on to say that they had lost the previous 30 years but had been given the future 30 instead.

“Like sisters, we have to create memories.” “A difficult situation became a lovely situation.”

Source: the-sun.com


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