Vet Who Searched For Over Half A Century Is Finally Reunited With His Children

It’s been nearly half a century since he began looking for his long-lost twins. The hunt is now officially finished.

Nobody likes to be away from the people they care about.

Our family are the most valuable asset we have.

Vet who searched for over half a century is finally reunited with his children

That’s why US soldier Sergeant Allen Thomas was so determined to find his long-lost twins, despite the fact that it had been decades since he last saw them. On 19 years, he join the army.

In 1966, he was assigned to serve in South Korea. He met Pae Seong-Kuem, whom he eventually dubbed Connie, there.

They married and had twins as a result of their union.

Sandra and James are a couple. He also legally adopted Jae-Im, Connie’s kid from a previous relationship.

Until it was time to fly back to the United States, he had a happy family in South Korea.

He was unable to obtain passports for Connie and Jae-Im, so he returned to the United States, abandoning his entire family.

He continued to write letters and send money to his family, even though he was thousands of miles away. He was terribly homesick for his family.

As a result, he requested to return.

He requested a 30-day leave in the middle of his duty in Vietnam to visit his family in South Korea.

He did so, but he sensed that things between him and Connie were already changing. The hardest part was leaving them again, because he couldn’t see himself abandoning his family.

Sergeant Thomas had no idea that it would be the final time he saw his family.

In the video below, you can see their entire tale!



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