‘He Wants Me, Not My House’: 82-Year-Old Grandma Marries 36-Year-Old Lover, Defends Their Love

An older guy and a younger lady was formerly considered a socially acceptable partnership. The times, however, have changed. Today, any connection is feasible, including one between an 80-year-old grandmother and a guy in his forties.

Iris Jones, who is now 82 years old, is the 36-year-old wife of Mohammed Ibrahim. And the two hadn’t met since Iris was a child. The pair had met in 2019, when Iris was already 80 years old. We know that nothing can stand in the way of love. However, their love story will continue to astound you.

The New World And Grandma

Iris lives in the Somerset town of Weston-super-Mare. She is the mother of two middle-aged men, Stephen, 55, a postman, and Darren, 53, a recycling truck driver. Stephen had given Iris a laptop in 2019. He also helped her set up a Facebook account and showed her how to utilize it.

Iris had no idea what she was in for when she logged into her Facebook account. Regardless, Iris became a member of an atheist society. She met Egyptian Mohamed Ibriham, an engineer by profession, when she was there. Soon after, the two began chatting on the internet on a daily basis. Ibriham was the one who eventually confessed to Iris.

Jones, understandably, was skeptical of this man’s confession. She was, after all, 80 years old! And the two had only communicated on the internet. They had not even seen the other’s appearance. In an interview with ITV’s The Morning, she said:

“‘What do you want an old biddy like me for?’ I questioned. You’ve never met me, touched my flesh, or seen into my eyes.”

Mohammed’s response appeared to be straightforward:

“However, he assured me I was a great, charming person whom he adored.” I gradually began to feel the same way, and then he gave me a photo of himself, and I thought to myself, ‘Ooh, you’re lovely.’

Grandma Iris flew all the way to Cairo five months later to meet Ibriham for the first time. They had a great day seeing the pyramids, eating at restaurants, and riding camels and boats. Iris even got along with Ibriham’s mother, who is ten years her junior. However, they quickly ran across a more natural stumbling block.

The Amazing Couple’s Next Obstacle

When it came to sexual contact, Grandma Iris and her Egyptian boyfriend faced their next urgent challenge. In truth, Iris’ position deteriorated after an unintentional fall. As a result, she was forced to spend two days in the hospital.

Regardless, they came together. Iris even went into depth about the couple’s experience when they were featured on The Morning Show (see video below). Needless to say, the raunchy chat made the pair renowned as well as make the listeners blush. Here’s an example:

“My legs have extremely thin skin. It can be excruciatingly unpleasant to make love. It’s possible that I’ll wind up in A&E with skin tears. But, in true doggie manner, we’ve fixed that problem. “Love is a pain.”

Grandma Iris seemed to have lost none of her vivacity as she grows older.

Then there was a more major stumbling block. The pair had chosen to marry at the conclusion of Iris’ journey to Cairo. They were confident enough in their choice that they went to the British embassy to register it. The authorities, however, refused it due to a lack of adequate documents.

Iris’ family objected as well, back at home. Stephen, the oldest son, believes Ibriham married Iris in order to obtain free citizenship and her money. Darren, the younger, was also apprehensive about the connection. Iris, on the other hand, was able to reconcile with them, but she warned them not to discuss it.

Furthermore, Ibriham claims to be exceedingly wealthy in Cairo. Iris, on the other hand, claims to have only a £200 weekly pension and a £220,000 home to her name. Iris also claimed that Ibriham had consented to a prenuptial agreement to establish his faithfulness.

Grandma Iris’s Story Has a Happy Ending

Fortunately, Grandma Iris was able to marry Ibriham in the end. The marriage proposal was granted by the British Embassy in October 2020. The epidemic, however, prevented Ibriham from obtaining a visa for the next 10 months.

Grandma Iris spoke about how much she missed Ibriham at this time. She was terrified that whenever she found the guy of her dreams, she wouldn’t be able to marry him.

Worries, however, were unfounded. Ibriham was relieved to be able to spend time with Iris alone:

“I don’t care where we live or how wealthy or impoverished she is; all I care about is being with Iris.” At the end of the day, she gets to choose whether she wants to live in the United Kingdom or Egypt.”

How many couples of the same age can claim of such a deep bond? We wish Grandma Iris and Mohammed much pleasure in their new life together!

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