Woman Makes History As The First-ever Victoria’s Secret Model With Down Syndrome

Sofia Jirau has always believed in “no bounds” living.

She just made history by being the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down syndrome.

After promoting Love Cloud, the brand’s newest underwear line based on all-day comfort, the 24-year-old Puerto Rican made history by joining 17 other powerful women.

“I dreamed it one day, worked for it, and now it’s a reality.” “I can now reveal my major secret,” Jirau said in Spanish on Instagram, with a black-and-white photo of herself wearing a business bra. “I am Victoria’s Secret’s first Down syndrome model!”

Jirau joins a cast of professional and amateur models of various skin tones, sizes, and ages. The campaign features celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Adut Akech, and Taylor Hill.

Jirau is the second model from Puerto Rico to appear in a Victoria’s Secret ad. Joan Smalls, a supermodel who debuted on the runway in 2011, was the first.

Jirau has come a long way since she began modeling in her native nation in 2019, with her unmistakable charm and contagious attitude.

She has her own web store, “Alavett,” which is a Spanish-English play on Jirau’s favorite phrase, “I adore it.” She sells everything from wallets to t-shirts to phone covers and mugs with her trademark business name and a heart doodle emblazoned on them.

Jirau was one of the only models with Down syndrome to walk in New York Fashion Week in February 2020.

She told PEOPLE magazine at the time, “When I was tiny, I looked in the mirror and declared, ‘I’m going to be a model and a businesswoman.'”

She also established “No Limits,” a Spanish-language campaign aimed at demonstrating that people with Down syndrome may achieve their goals despite their illness.

Down syndrome is a condition in which a person is born with an extra chromosome, which causes alterations in how the body and brain develop. This consequence has the potential to cause both mental and physical difficulties.

Jirau commented on Instagram, “Thank you Victoria’s Secret for seeing me as a model with #NoLimits and included me in the inclusive Love Cloud Collection ad.” “There are no boundaries inside or out, Alavett!”

Jirau stresses on social media that her purpose is to inspire people to pursue their ambitions.

On her website, the model states, “I often declare ‘Inside and out there are no limits’ to urge others to push over their self-imposed constraints.”

Jirau joins the large intimates shop at a pivotal time, as the firm has opted to split ways with its once-iconic Victoria’s Secret “Angels” as part of its continuous efforts to reinvent itself to appeal to a broader range of women.

The brand said this summer that it will concentrate on designing underwear for women of various shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. The “Angels,” the brand’s long-standing moniker for its supermodels, have been replaced with the “VS Collective,” a seven-woman ambassador program that includes actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas and soccer star Megan Rapinoe.

“We were too sluggish to adapt while the world was changing,” said Victoria’s Secret CEO Martin Waters last year. “We needed to shift our focus away from what men desire and toward what women want.”

Since Ral Martinez took over as lead creative director in January, this is the brand’s first full-scale collection unveiling.

In a statement, Martinez stated, “Love Cloud Collection is a crucial milestone in the brand’s growth.” “This campaign is a vital component of the new Victoria’s Secret standard we are developing, from the great cast of incredible women who bring the collection to life to the incredible inclusive attitude on set.”

Before the collection was released, Jirau posted a video of the campaign on Instagram.

She is shown in the video wearing a pink bra, which is her favorite color.

“I adore it. I adore it.” “I adore Victoria’s Secret!” she said.

Sofia, congrats on reaching this wonderful milestone!

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