7 Famous People Who Are Proud to Be Single Parent

We can’t deny that raising a child without a partner necessitates the skills of a superhero, from transforming into a mom or dad on command to multitasking excessively, all while maintaining a magical degree of tolerance. And other celebrities are sharing their touching experiences as single parents with the world, demonstrating that no amount of fame or fortune can compare to the joy we gain from walking the challenging yet delicate path of motherhood alone.

1. Malin Kerman with her son Sebastian

In 2013, the Swedish-American actress and her husband had their child, but they divorced a few months later. Kerman has indicated that she is not wanting to re-enter the dating scene following their divorce, adding that she is “really loving” focusing on her child. She also remarked that the mother-son relationship is “beyond any love you’ve ever had in your entire life.”

2. Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda

3. January Jones and her baby boy Xander

In 2011, the Mad Men star gave birth to a baby, the identity of whose father she kept a secret. “I honestly don’t feel I need a husband,” the actress declared a few years ago, implying that she is content in her role as a single mother. She continued by saying that her life is already “so hectic,” and that she would rather “stay at home sleeping hanging out with my daughter” than go on random dates.

 4. Cristiano Ronaldo and his son Cristian Jr.

Despite the fact that he now has three more children with his girlfriend, the football legend was a single parent to his oldest kid for many years, the mother of whom has not been revealed to the public. Cristiano “doesn’t need a mom, only me — having a dad is enough,” the Portuguese athlete said when asked about raising his child without a mother.

5. Drew Barrymore and her daughters Olive and Frankie

In 2016, the American actress and TV personality divorced her spouse while her children were four and two years old. Drew Barrymore is honest about being a single mother and acknowledges that it isn’t always easy, but she embraces it. “I get to wear a lot of different hats with my kids,” she says. As a consequence, I am really pleased.” Even though the 46-year-old acknowledged that she had only recently began dating, she is convinced that she will “never, ever get married.”

6. Louis Tomlinson and his baby boy Freddie

For the first time, the singer became a parent at the age of 24. Since then, he’d split up with his girlfriend, Freddie’s mother. The young father appeared to be enjoying his parenting experience, saying, “The complete thing is really beautiful.”

7. Alex Rodriguez and his daughters Natasha and Ella

The ex-professional baseball player has two children, aged 13 and 17, with his ex-wife. He is well-known for being very close to his children, and he routinely shares cute photos of them on social media.
This kind father calls his children “the greatest part of me” and never misses an occasion to express his undying love for them.

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