8-year-old Boy Living In A Shed Spends Mom’s Last $12 To Change Family’s Fortune

Life is unpredictably unpredictable. The truth is that we never know what tomorrow will bring, which is why we should never give up hope that things will improve, even if we believe there is no hope.

That is exactly what the story of Aaron Moreno, an 8-year-old boy with big goals and hopes, shows us.

This clever youngster, it turned out, enjoyed Cheetos and ice cream, two of his favorite treats, but his mother struggled to provide for the family. She couldn’t afford to buy her children ice cream because she was single, with children, and jobless, so whenever the ice cream truck passed by the shed where they lived, her heart broke into a million pieces.

“This youngster was always asking for Hot Cheetos when I lost both my jobs in March because of the corona-virus pandemic and we had no choice but to live in a shed,” Aaron’s mother, Berenice Pacheco, told CNN. “It’s only $3, but it can make a big difference when you have kids and don’t have a job.”

Seeing his mother struggle, Aaron resolved to do whatever he could to assist her. He also desired for his family to leave the shed, which lacked bedrooms, baths, and air conditioning.

Aaron decided to buy succulents and resell them with his mother’s last $12.

Aaron told CNN, “Our shed was hot and cramped, and I wasn’t happy.” “I started my garden so my mother wouldn’t be anxious, because I hate seeing her struggle.”

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Aaron was able to sell everything on the first day. He made a small profit and decided to put it towards purchasing more succulents in order to start a business. He and his mother would both take the bus to the flower district to get their supplies for the day. They mostly sold from their shed, but on occasion, they would set up pop-up shops.

Berenice, happy of her son’s efforts, posted images of him and his garden to Facebook.

Many people were moved by the photographs, and a friend decided to launch a GoFundMe campaign to support the family.

The goal was to raise $1,000 at first. They ended up raising roughly $56,000, which was enough to get them a new place.

They were also able to bring Aaron’s sister home from Mexico using the funds.

“Bringing back Aaron’s sister is the nicest part of what Aaron has done for us,” Berenice added. “It was so difficult to be without her, and now we’re back to being a whole family.”

And I was overjoyed to see that despite spending so much time apart, they maintained their incredible friendship. It’s a wonderful thing.”

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