Dad Talks To His Baby In The Belly – When She’s Born, Her Reaction To His Voice Is The Most Adorable Ever

It has to be the most wonderful feeling in the world to be expecting a kid. Just like the mother’s womb, the anticipation of meeting the bundle of joy builds with each passing day.

Many expectant parents are unaware that their unborn child can hear and respond to their parents’ voices as well as music while still in the womb. For the first time, classical music is thought to boost a baby’s intelligence and bring tranquility.

Flavio Dantas, a father-to-be from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, never went a day without chatting to his pregnant wife. He was well aware that his unborn daughter could hear him sing. Tarsila Rosa, the baby’s mother, said her abdomen would move when Flavio sang.

Antonella, the couple’s little princess, arrived on August 11, which happens to be Father’s Day in Brazil, and she was bewildered like any other infant. But when she heard her daddy’s voice singing to her, she smiled the most beautiful smile she’d ever seen.

Flavio couldn’t keep the tears of delight from streaming down his face as he watched his daughter smile at him.

“And it’s at that point that people forget about their sorrow and concentrate on the most genuine smile they’ve ever seen. “On Father’s Day, my princess was born,” the pleased father wrote on Facebook.

It’s not unexpected that the family’s precious moment went viral. Antonella’s snapshot brought delight to people all around the world. We wish her a wonderful childhood!



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