‘It’s Me, Mommy! It’s Me!’: 2-year-old Encanto Look-alike Cannot Contain Her Excitement

Since the release of Disney’s “Encanto,” critics and audiences alike have been gushing about it. There are a lot of things to like about this fantastic film, but one of the most important parts has to be the diversity of the characters.

Parents from all over the world have been sharing their children’s responses to seeing characters who seem strikingly similar to them, something they don’t see very often. Manu Arajo Marques, one of the kids, even went viral for resembling Mirabel, the film’s protagonist – the two even have similar spectacles!

“It’s me, Mommy!” Manu shouted in Portuguese when she first saw Mirabel. “It’s I!” Her excitement rose even more as the film progressed to the protagonist’s adolescence. “Mommy, I grew up!” Manu chimed in.

In the video below, you can see the touching moment.

See the video here!



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