10-year-old Boy Survives All By Himself After Both His Father And Grandmother Passed Away

While the majority of 10-year-olds’ childhoods are full with love and care from their families. This young Vietnamese youngster is left to fend for himself and has no one to call family.

When Dang Van Khuyen’s grandmother and father died when he was only ten years old, he had to be self-sufficient, unlike most of his friends.

The baby kid has lived with his grandmother in a rural town in Vietnam’s Tuyên Quang province since he was born, according to Vietnamese media.

Khuyen never really got to know his mother as a child because he was too young when she died.

While he had his father at the time, he did not get to see him very much because his father worked as a construction worker in the city.

Dang was fortunate enough to have his grandmother take him in and raise him.

His destitute family was reliant on government assistance and the money his father sent home every month.

Dang’s life, unfortunately, began to take a turn for the worst when his grandma died of old age.

Dang received terrible news of his father’s untimely death not long after his grandmother died.

He was at school when he received word that his father had died in a job accident.

Dang is left to fend for himself because he has no one else to call family or rely on.

Despite losing both of his sole family members in such a short period of time, Dang continues to live his life as he did before his grandma and father died.

The self-sufficient teen produces his own veggies and prepares his own meals.

While his aunts, instructors, and other locals tried to adopt him, Dang politely rebuffed their offers, insisting on being self-sufficient and remaining at his family home.

Dang’s teacher, on the other hand, will pay him a visit from time to time to see how he is doing.

Dang may be a self-sufficient young man who is working hard to get on with his life, but a 10-year-old can only achieve so much on his own. We hope that he receives the assistance and support that he requires and deserves as soon as possible.


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