Dedicated Father Wins Fight For Custody Over His Daughter 3 Months After She Was Adopted Without His Consent

Christopher Emanuel, of Aiken, South Carolina, is a parent who would go to any length for his daughter Skylar. He met the woman who is Skylar’s mother at a manufacturing plant where they both worked as forklift drivers. They were only friends at first, but their friendship grew into much more. Emanuel found out he was going to be a parent just a few months later.

However, his delight swiftly changed to disappointment when he discovered that the woman’s family was not fond of him.

Despite this, the couple intended to raise their child together. His girlfriend began to avoid meeting up with him in person and told him not to accompany her to doctor’s visits, which changed their status.

Emanuel’s friends were worried about him, but he told them that everything would be well with his girlfriend and the baby on the way. His partner, on the other hand, never showed up for a baby shower he had scheduled for her. In February 2014, he learned that his daughter had been born more than a week before and had been given up for adoption without his knowledge and placed with a family in another state.

The father leapt into action, calculating what he might do to reclaim Skylar. He had already registered with the South Carolina Responsible Father Registry. He also hired lawyers and began a custody battle to get his daughter. Emanuel was finally granted custody of Skylar following a three-month legal fight. Emanuel is now utilizing his platform to assist other fathers in their struggle for equal rights.

Emanuel was overjoyed when he learned he was going to be a father. He told ABC News, “Who wouldn’t be happy?” “I was glad, who wouldn’t be happy?” His joy was short-lived, however, when he discovered that his daughter had been born without his knowledge. Skylar had already migrated to another state and had been given up for adoption with his permission.

Emanuel challenged the adopted and hired attorneys, according to ABC News. “My daughter was kidnapped,” he claimed.

“I stood up for myself. My rights were taken away from me. But, more importantly, I now have to prove myself to my kid.”

Skylar’s adoptive parents were assured that Emanuel was no longer in the picture, which turned out to be false. They grew to enjoy the small girl and wanted to keep her, but Emanuel was adamant about his child’s custody. He stated, “No one can adore my daughter as I can.” “It makes no difference what kind of title you have; that’s my daughter.” You can’t take my daughter; all that mattered was that you give me my daughters.”

Because he was listed on the South Carolina Responsible Father Registry, Emanuel was entitled to interfere in the adoption. Through his Sky Is The Limit Foundation, he is now utilizing his platform to share his story and assist other fathers keep their parental rights.


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