Tragedy in Beyoncé’s Life Forced Her to Become a Mother First and Foremost to Herself

Beyoncé has had the kind of career that only a few people can imagine, and while her career on stage has been incredible, she has had to heal from some personal scars; here are a few of them.

The Hive is made up of millions of admirers throughout the world who proudly call themselves “the Beys.” These admirers, like bees, are drawn inexorably to the “Halo” singer, who has riches and fame on her side.

Queen Bey’s skill has been undeniable since the 1990s, and the combination of her singing prowess and her god-like beauty has earned her a near-immortal position in the eyes of her adoring followers.

Picture of music stars Beyonce and Jay-Z | Photo: Getty Images

Beyoncé recently celebrated her 40th birthday, and while she may appear to some fans to have been on their screens for what seems like an eternity, she is simply entering a new period of her life and maybe ready to take her career to the next level.

Beyoncé has had it all: she is widely regarded as a celebrity among celebrities, has a marriage that has weathered the winds of infidelity, and is now the proud mother of three children.

Beyoncé at the TIDAL X: 1020 on October 20, 2015 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City | Photo: Getty Images

Queen Bey’s personal life is rarely discussed on social media or in blogs because she is known for her strict privacy policies and only publishes what she is comfortable with.

Fans learned that Beyoncé, like the rest of us, bleeds, sobs, and heals when she opted to provide a glimpse into her seemingly perfect life. The singer talked out about a traumatic occurrence in her childhood that taught her to prioritize being a mother to herself.


It’s not often that a pair goes from being young lovers to becoming power couples, but Beyoncé and her long-term husband, music mogul Jay-Z, have done just that, and their love appears to be undiminished after more than 20 years together.

The pair has three children and is still one of the most popular couples in the industry. Fans and celebrities alike are curious about the mystery that has kept things interesting for these long-distance lovers.

When she met her future husband, the “Destiny’s Child” singer was around 18 years old, and they began dating a year later. The pair opted to take things slowly and didn’t feel rushed as they walked down the aisle.

The “Lion King” actress previously stated that neither she nor her 51-year-old rockstar spouse were in a hurry to marry, and that she took her time to think things through.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z began their musical collaborations before walking down the aisle in what looked like the event of the century, and it quickly became evident that their chemistry was a match made in heaven.

Their first musical collaboration, “’03 Bonnie and Clyde,” was a tremendous hit for Jay-Z in 2002, and the lovebirds immediately followed it up with “Crazy in Love” the following year.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z married in a private ceremony in 2008, but the news of the wedding quickly made the front pages of newspapers and websites, with fans ecstatic to see the two superstars start a family.

The actress from “Dreamgirls” and the singer from “Run This Town” revealed they were having their first child together in 2011, and their daughter Blue Ivy joined them as a family of three in 2012.

The singer has since given birth to twins Sir and Rumi in June 2017, but there have been some bumps in the road.


In an interview with Elle, the “Lemonade” singer was asked if she was sad that she didn’t receive an award after such a lovely year, and Queen Bey responded, very sweetly, that suffering through hardship had taught her to perceive success differently.

The mother of three emphasized that pain is a blessing and that having a miscarriage was a life-changing experience for her. “She said,” she explained.

“I discovered that all suffering and loss are gifts.” Miscarriages taught me that I needed to mother myself first before I could mother others.”

The incident led the Grammy winner on a mission to discover her true calling, and she chose to focus on herself rather than attempting to reach the top. Her main goal is to leave a legacy that will outlast her.

The miscarriage occurred before Beyoncé became pregnant with Blue Ivy and before her interview with Jay-Z; Jay-Z had already hinted at the miscarriage in his song “Glory.”

The song was written as a tribute to their newborn daughter, and in it, the 51-year-old producer revealed some details about their parenting journey. Blue was conceived in Paris, he sung, and they had lost a child before welcoming their daughter.

Jay-Z praised their newborn in his songs, saying that the previous miscarriage had them worried she might vanish, but she was strong enough to stay. The music of the song included the sound of Blue Ivy crying.


Beyoncé is still as lovely as she was more than 25 years ago after getting her life in order. The singer reportedly stated that she still made an effort to look after herself and maintain a healthy diet.

Beyoncé pays attention to her body and knows when to take a break from being a mother and other demands on her time.

Her biggest struggle, she said, was balancing job and family life.

Beyoncé has learned to love her body and not judge herself solely on her appearance since becoming a mother. The artist added that no matter where she is in life, she has discovered that she is more than enough.

Beyoncé has also grown a thick skin when it comes to trolls and negative social media comments. Although she feels the pain in vulnerable moments, she soon recovers and maintains her cheerful attitude.


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