Bruce Willis Still Loved Demi Moore after Marrying Wife of 12 Years Who Became a Close Friend of the Actress

Before divorcing, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were married for almost ten years. They had three children together, and even when he remarried, he still adored Demi Moore, who is now his wife’s friend.

Demetria Guynes was Demi Moore’s birth name. Before acting, she dropped out of high school and tried modeling. She achieved her biggest career breakthrough in 1990, when she starred in “Ghost,” after appearing in a couple soaps.

Walter Bruce Willis began his acting career in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until 1988 that he got his big break with “Die Hard.” Since then, he’s been in films such as “The Sixth Sense,” “Ocean’s Twelve,” “Sin City,” and “RED,” among others.


Willis and Moore first met at the premiere of “Stakeout” in 1987. Moore’s ex-fiance, Emilio Estevez, featured in the film, and Moore thought Willis was “cocky, dark, and gorgeous.”

That night, Willis was entirely focused on Moore, and Estevez saw it. Moore said that Willis was quite attentive as the evening went, and she was surprised to learn afterwards that he had a date that night with another woman.

Moore was smitten by Willis and asked her out on a date before the night was done. He walked her to her car, took her number, and the rest is history.

Moore claimed it was difficult not to feel happy when Willis lavished her with attention. He enveloped her worry and anxiety in his affection, she believed.

They married at the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas on November 21, 1987. Four months after meeting, Willis persuaded Moore to marry him over the weekend.

Later, they had a far more elaborate wedding, which was officiated by Little Richard and shot by Annie Leibovitz. TriStar Films paid for the wedding in exchange for the huge exposure it would bring.

Moore and Willis had a falling out after the birth of their first child because Moore wanted to return to work while Willis wanted her to be a stay-at-home mom.

They eventually recognized that having children was more important to them than being married. Moore alleged that Willis told her in 1990 that he no longer wanted to be married.

They went on to have two more children, and it appeared that their relationship problems were behind them. When Moore’s mother continued to deteriorate, the couple called it quits in 1998, and their divorce was formalized in 2000.

Willis believed their marriage didn’t work because they evolved and grew at different rates, and they constantly scrutinized their relationship.

Despite their divorce, Moore and Willis raised their three children together, and all three are now adults.


Willis met his wife, Emma Heming, a Malta-born model, in a mutual trainer’s gym in 2007. Heming won “The British Elle Supermodel” in the early 1990s and has since modeled for some of the world’s most prestigious fashion brands.

Heming began to transfer her modeling career into other business options after meeting Willis, and she has now launched a shoe accessory, a home fragrance brand, and fragrances for men and women.

They went on one date after meeting at the gym before Heming was ready to return to New York, and then they fell madly in love.

Willis realized that love was the true answer after meeting Heming. He’d been unmarried for ten years following his divorce, dating a string of models and was unhappy for the most part.

Willis admitted that he was in a bad place and that he had never considered that being with someone else would be the remedy. He would claim that he was alone but not lonely, yet he was delusory.

His life became lot happier when he started spending out with Heming on a daily basis. Despite the fact that they are almost 20 years apart in age, they have a lot in common.

They married in March 2009 at their house in Turks & Caicos. Because the original ceremony was not legally binding in Beverly Hills, they had to repeat it a week later.

Emma Heming and Bruce Willis attend CocoBaba and Ushopal activity on November 4, 2019, in Shanghai | Photo: Getty Images


Moore was invited to Heming and Willis’ first wedding, and she honored them by attending. Moore was present with her children when they repeated their vows ten years later. Heming had this to say about Moore:

“She accepted me into her family the same way I accepted her into ours. Again, I have a great deal of admiration for her.”

She also expressed her admiration for Willis and Moore’s efforts to prioritize their children during their divorce.

Emma Heming, Rumer Willis, Bruce Willis, Tallulah Belle Willis, Demi Moore, and Scout LaRue Willis pose backstage as Rumer makes her broadway debut on September 21, 2015, in New York | Photo: Getty Images

She learned and grew a lot by witnessing that. Moore was required by Heming to be present at their celebrations.

She enjoyed having her there and would not have been able to complete the task without her. Willis claims that their families have evolved into a tribe over time. “, he explained.

“Demi and I made the decision to prioritize the kids, and we’re fortunate that we’re all having a good time together. I still like her and admire her for the way she lives her life.”

Moore used her Instagram feed to honor the women who inspire her on International Women’s Day 2021, and Heming was included on Moore’s list.

Moore described Heming as a family member and that she is honored to call her a friend in her caption. She lauded Heming’s business acumen, determination, and passion, describing her as a “wonderful mother” who is committed to her family.


Willis is the father of five girls. Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout are shared by Willis and Moore, and Mabel Ray and Evelyn Penn are shared by Heming.

Heming admitted that meeting Moore’s children with Willis was intimidating because she had never dated a man with children before. She was nervous when she first met them.


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