Football Players Help Elderly And Disabled Residents Shovel Driveways After Coach Comes Up With New ‘Monday Workout’

Winter is a lovely season, but it also brings its own set of difficulties. Snow and ice can be extremely dangerous on roads and driveways, and for some individuals, clearing it away is simply not an option. This is why, as the snow begins to fall, communities have banded together to assist the elderly and crippled in their neighborhoods.

After their coach stopped practice so they could shovel snow off community driveways, a high school football team from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, has become an inspiration to many. They concentrated on assisting their elderly and disabled neighbors without expecting anything in return. The good act has been a long-standing tradition at Bethel Park High School, and it was especially needed after a snowstorm hit the area in mid-January 2022.

Brian DeLallo, the coach, informed his team that their regular practice had been canceled for the day and that they should instead go out and shovel driveways. They would have been working out in the weight room anyway, but shoveling snow is also good workout, so they weren’t missing out on anything. The coach believed that the guys would benefit from the experience more than if they were simply lifting weights.

Even DeLallo pitched in to assist the squad, claiming that he would be sore the next day but that it was all worth it. The squad consists of roughly 40 persons, and they shoveled snow for hours, so a large number of people were aided that day. Continue reading to learn more about this fantastic group and their eagerness to assist others.

“Monday’s weightlifting exercise has been canceled due to forecasted bad weather,” Coach DeLallo wrote on Twitter. Shovel the driveway of an elderly or disabled neighbor. That’s our Monday workout, so don’t take any money.”

In an interview with CBS Pittsburgh, the coach revealed what the club does when they aren’t on the field during the winter season. “We would have been doing squats, bench presses, and power cleans in the weight room,” DeLallo added.

For years, excellent deeds have been carried out. One of the squad members mentioned that his father used to shovel driveways while he was on the team. It felt that sending the word to the players was part of a long-running tradition. “I was sitting on the couch, drinking coffee, getting ready for the Steelers game when I sent it out, and this is something that predates me,” DeLallo explained.

Gavin Moul, the squad captain, was one of the youngsters clearing snow. People in his area were taken aback by the offer, he said. “They’re amazed that we don’t take money and don’t do anything to earn it.” “They’re refusing us because we don’t always take money for it,” he explained. “It makes me happy, and I think it makes us all happy.” It is not just assisting them, but it is also assisting us in becoming a better team.”

“You get a lot more out of this than ‘did you bench press 300 pounds today?'” Coach DeLallo remarked. This is fantastic. It’s an opportunity to connect with the community, and you don’t get many of those.”


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