This 9-year-old Girl Advices Her Mother to Rest while She Tends to Her Younger Brother and Cooks Their Dinner

A single mother’s daughter lately demonstrated good behavior and a willingness to assist. The mother of two spoke about the incident, admitting that she felt bad but was moved by what her daughter did.

Dabao, her 9-year-old daughter, looked after her younger brother, Erbao, who was a year old. Dabao took good care of Erbao one weekend after finishing all of her schoolwork and enabling her mother to rest. The adorable baby brother was well-behaved, didn’t cry or cause any mischief, and was also trusted by his elder sister.

As she stepped into the kitchen one night, the mother noticed her daughter carrying her baby brother in a baby carrier. What her daughter was working on astounded her.

Dabao was carrying her little brother on her back while preparing dinner for the family. She was also concerned that her brother would become bored, so she wore some balloon figures in her hair to keep him occupied.

The mother felt a slight sense of remorse when she saw her daughter’s amazing actions, but she was quite proud of Dabao. She hurried in to offer assistance, but Dabao declined.

Her daughter recommended her to rest, which she agreed to, if reluctantly. Seeing her daughter take responsibility at such a young age warmed her heart and made her proud of how well she had been raised.

Netizens’ praise for her daughter warmed her heart:

“It’s precious what your daughter did to repay her thanks.”

“I’m envious of your daughter because I don’t have one.” “I’m very moved.”

“This girl has a lot of appeal. I hope to have a daughter-in-law like her one day!”

Responsible children are always the result of good parenting and instruction.


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