A Woman Floating at Sea for 12 Hours is Rescued Since a Pod of Dolphins were Swimming Nearby

People can never comprehend why bad things happen to them in life. Accidents happen to even the most cautious individuals. The following is the account of a 26-year-old lady who was spotted drifting alone at sea and rescued 12 hours later.

A woman who has not been identified was rescued after being trapped on open waters for almost 12 hours. Off the shore of Marina Del Rey, an incident occurred. Her luck changed, however, when a sailor happened to be nearby.

Khosrow ‘Koz’ Khosravani, a former UCLA information technology lecturer, just purchased a new yacht, the SV Defiant, and was recently certified to sail. On September 26th, he has invited three of his pals to join him on a sailing expedition from Marina Del Rey to Paradise Cove in Malibu.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and everything was going swimmingly until they all noticed a stunning scene near the boat.

Koz deviated from the path for a short time to have a better look at a pod of dolphins swimming nearby. The boat followed the dolphins, and the friends snapped some shots of the breathtaking scenery until they observed a hand in the open sea. On the water, a nearly lifeless woman floated.

“I saw a hand,” said Koz. “I would have never seen this lady who just had a few minutes to live if it hadn’t been for the dolphins.”

After attending some classes at the American Sailing Association, Koz was certified as a sailor and took the appropriate procedures to save the woman by throwing a floating gadget at her. He noticed she was too weak to hold on, so he threw a buoy linked to a 23-meter-long cable at her, which he successfully saved the woman after two attempts.

They wrapped the unnamed woman with a towel and blankets because she was naked and dehydrated. She appeared to be hungry, exhausted, and thirsty, as well as unable to move.

Khosravani recalls, “I asked her if she was alone or if there were any more persons we should look for.” “She could hardly say her first name and claimed to be alone,” says the narrator.

Koz immediately alerted the Coast Guard, and the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD) came seven minutes later to rescue the unidentified woman.

After being notified of the event, Matthew Rhodes, the captain of the LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard Division’s rescue ship, joined the rescue attempt. The rescued woman was hypothermic, according to him, and the sea temperature was at 19°C.

“It was very bleak conditions,” Rhodes subsequently recalled of the incident, noting that the Pacific Ocean water temperature that day was 19°C. “We got out as soon as we could.” A 26-year-old woman was moved from their sailing yacht to our rescue boat.”

They later discovered that the woman had gone for a midnight swim the night before and had been swept off her route by strong offshore currents for two and a half miles. Her skin had a greyish tone after she was rescued, indicating that she had suffered from hypothermia. The woman claimed she had been floating on her back for 12 hours before being rescued.

Khosravani’s boat was nearby after 12 hours, and a pod of dolphins was swimming by, and she was observed floating in the wide water.

“There is something in this cosmos, it just wasn’t her time,” Koz said with a breath of relief. Rather than being religious, I believe myself to be spiritual. But if the events that occurred one after the other hadn’t all aligned, this lady would not be with us today.”

“There’s something in this cosmos,” Khosravani added, “but it wasn’t her time.”


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