Loyal Dog Passed Away After Sitting By The Window Every Day For 11 Years Waiting For Its Owner To Come Home

Some people have the habit of recognizing their presence in the house when they return home. Even the pets joyfully run to their owner, wagging their tails to indicate that they are pleased to see him.

After a long day at work, some pet owners have become accustomed to having fuzzy kids waiting for them when they arrive home. Roman, who works as an optometrist and helps operate a medium-sized carrier firm in Chicago, is in the same boat.

Every day when Roman returns home from work, he glances up at the window first because his dog Toby is always waiting for him.

This endearing and routine behavior lasted an entire eleven years.

Roman, on the other hand, recently had to go through a traumatic experience. Toby, his long-time companion, died recently.

The once cheerful neighbor who eagerly awaited his return has vanished from his window.

Despite the fact that Toby has been gone for several years, Roman still gets home from work every day and looks up at the window instinctively.

But it’s all in vain; he’ll no longer be able to see his beloved puppy through his window.

Toby and Roman first met 14 years ago, when Toby was only two years old and his girlfriend’s dog.

Toby pooped in Roman’s living room when they first met, giving Roman the impression that he was a brat. At first, they didn’t get along very well.

The astute Toby is a clingy canine. He is constantly trying to obtain Roman’s attention, thus he is naughty and mischievous. This gives Roman a headache, and he frequently quarrels with Toby over little issues.

“Just treat Toby like a human kid, don’t always be furious with him,” his girlfriend finally persuaded Roman.

Roman then tried to modify his attitude toward Toby, but he didn’t anticipate the puppy to change his attitude as well.

Roman and Toby have become inseparable over the course of a few years, their bond even surpassing that of his girlfriend and Toby.

Roman split up with his girlfriend a few years later, and because he couldn’t live without Toby, he handed the house to her.

The years have passed, and the people in his life have come and gone, but only Toby has remained by Roman’s side…

Roman never felt lonely during the years he spent with Toby.

Roman works as an optometrist and typically works 8-10 hours every day. Toby gradually grasped the regularity of his work hours.

He’d lie down by the window, anticipating Roman’s return home from work.

Toby feels ecstatic as soon as he sees Roman’s car arrive, then shakes his head and waits for Roman to stroll to the door…

Toby would be ecstatic even if Roman merely went out for a few minutes before returning home, as if he hadn’t seen him in years.

Year after year, the waiting has continued through the day and night, spring, summer, autumn, and winter…

Toby has been accustomed to waiting for his master to return home year after year.

Toby is a perfect dog in Roman’s eyes and cannot be replaced. He is friendly and polite, and he is especially gentle with youngsters.

Toby, unfortunately, had cancer and had many surgeries, including dilated cardiomyopathy, and his health had deteriorated. In October 2018, he was diagnosed with cancer and stage 4 kidney failure after three major procedures.

Toby’s physique has gotten quite weak and he couldn’t swallow by February 2019.

Roman and his buddies said their goodbyes to Toby since they didn’t want to see him suffer any longer. He made the decision to take Toby to the veterinarian for euthanasia…

Toby has been gone for a long time.

Roman’s propensity of staring out the window, on the other hand, could not be prevented. He had the impression that Toby had always been present and had never left.

Roman’s life is full of light and color because to Toby’s use of love and happiness to provide him with the warmest and most perfect partner. Toby is just like every other furry baby we see. They are always there, a dependable buddy, even when they cause difficulty.

They gradually become our most devoted pals and, in some cases, family members.

Roman has received condolences from those who recognize his close link with Toby.


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