Grieving Widow Is Forced To Give Back Ring To Her Late Husband’s Family Six Months After His Death

It’s heartbreaking to lose someone you care about, especially if it’s someone you had intended to spend your life with.

When a woman’s spouse of one and a half years, Daniel, died, she suffered through indescribable grief. Daniel had given his partner an engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity band over the duration of their relationship, which had lasted seven years. The woman’s in-laws requested her for the rings six months after he died, claiming it was now their property.

The bereaved widow posted her story on Reddit, asking if she was a “as*hole” for refusing to return the rings. Daniel died in an accident “in the beginning of the year, and my heart was devastated,” she wrote to Cafe Mom. The OP said, “It still doesn’t feel real, but every day I’m trying to live my life the way he’d want me to.” Since his funeral six months ago, I haven’t had much contact with his family. I assume we were all in pain and needed to get better. My ex-SIL messaged me on Facebook the other day. They knew about my eternity ring as well as the other rings because I’m a bit of an overshare on Facebook. My SIL wants me to return all of the rings to them, claiming that Daniel bought for them and that they now belong to the family because he died.

Her mother-in-law agreed as well, but the Reddit member disagreed because the rings “are profoundly sentimental” to her. She went on to say, “I’ve already returned his childhood belongings, as well as photos he had before I met him.” I’d be happy to give them my simple wedding band, but the other two are stunning, pricey (totaling $19,000), and remind me of the happiest period of my life. I was going to give them my husband’s wedding ring, but he was buried with it on his finger. His family is pressuring me to give them these rings. I’m not sure if they simply want them to sell or own them. If she doesn’t “give them back,” the husband’s family is threatening legal action. They’re also accusing her of “keeping them out of the family where they belong” by calling her names. “I believe I’m [no] longer family,” she wrote, referring to Daniel and her lack of children.

Others on Reddit were eager to point out that the widow’s in-laws were being harsh. One commenter responded, “Asking for a widow’s wedding rings six months after her husband’s death is profoundly messed up.” “I’d sever all ties with these individuals.” Allow your AH SIL to hire an attorney; it will be a waste of her money because those rings are YOURS, not presents. These folks are abhorrent. They aren’t family heirlooms, but rather lovely items that they wish to be able to pawn. “Block them all.” They’re not even his; they’re hers, according to another. Umm, what? said a third. He paid for them… as a present for you. And, because you were his husband, unless he left you a will, his assets will go to you. What gives these folks the illusion that they have any claim to anything he has, let alone something as sensitive as wedding and engagement rings?


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