Couple Celebrates The First Baby Girl In The Family After 200 Years

In 1809, the Lawrie family experienced the birth of a baby girl for the first time. They had no idea that another 200 years would pass before another baby girl was born into the family.

Little Myla Lawrie was the first baby girl born in the Lawrie family in 200 years when she was born in October 2014.

Parents Hannah and Mark Lawrie never imagined such a day would arrive, as Mark’s family had never had a girl born in five generations.

Mark’s great-great Aunt Bessie, who was born in the same year as Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, and Edgar Allan Poe, was the last time his family had a baby girl in 1809.

As a result, Mark informed Hannah that they would be more likely to have sons than daughters when they married.

“When Mark and I first met, he told me how everyone in his family had produced boys for five generations,” Hannah told the Daily Mail.

“He told me the chances of us ever having a daughter were slim,” she explained.

Despite this, Hannah remained optimistic that they would be able to have a daughter.

She became pregnant with their first child in 2012, and no one was surprised when Mason, a boy, was delivered seven years later.

Mark has two other sons from a previous marriage, 14-year-old Ben and 11-year-old Zac.

Then, in 2014, Hannah became pregnant for the second time, thus breaking the 200-year drought!

At the 20-week scan, the couple learned they were having a girl.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Hannah remembered, “I kept asking the sonographer if she was sure.”

“Mark was in tears, crying, and said it was a present from his father, who regrettably passed away soon before I became pregnant.” He’d expressed an interest in having a grandchild,” she continued.

Baby Myla is treated like a princess, as one might imagine, and she has a beautiful wardrobe to show it.

To compliment her outfits, the tiny girl has a plethora of beautiful pink tutus, flowery gowns, butterfly hair clips, and fluffy slippers.

Of However, Little Myla no longer needs to be concerned because she now has a full squad of princes to guard her!


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