Sylvester Stallone Was Devastated When He Realized That Girlfriend’s Child Was Not His: “She’s Not Mine”

Sylvester Stallone had to deal with the fact that he was not the father of Janice Dickinson’s kid, as well as the fact that he had broken up with Jennifer Flavin as a result of the whole situation.

Sylvester Stallone broke up with his present partner the day he found he was going to father a child with a girlfriend to take on the burden. He was seeing Jennifer Flaven at the time, who appeared like a breath of fresh air for him after his fair number of heartbreaks. He began “living life anew” with her.

“It’s amazing when we get together. There are no attachments attached when we are apart. That’s the way things are.

There are no strings attached, “According to PEOPLE, the actor offered his thoughts. Despite this, after meeting former supermodel Janice Dickinson, he threw it all away. Flavin was aware of the Rambo actor’s affairs, but she chose to trust him.

Unfortunately, her hopes were dashed when she received a letter from Sylvester Stallone. The actor had written her a breakup letter via FedEx, explaining that he had no choice but to quit their relationship because he was expecting a child with Dickinson. Stallone, too, was taken aback when he learned of the pregnancy, but he resolved to do the right thing.

He did, however, first express reservations about the infant. “How do you know it’s not Michael Birnbaum’s?” he reportedly asked the former supermodel, who detailed the incident in her autobiography, No Lifeguard On Duty.

Dickinson, on the other hand, had a relationship with Michael Birnbaum, a film producer, while also seeing Stallone.

She had a feeling the child belonged to the Rocky star, even though she didn’t know for sure. “Well, I didn’t – in fact, it may have been the artist’s,” she stated, “but in all honesty, I believed the child was Sly’s.” “Things with Michael hadn’t been going well for a while, and we split up later that week when I told him about Stallone.”

“But Sly didn’t call, as I had expected, and I found out I was pregnant a week later. I dialed Sly’s number and went to visit him. We ate dinner and made love; he’d come a long way from our brief meeting. Then I informed him I was expecting a child “She went on to say that after receiving the news, the star stood beside her.

“I got back in shape and walked down the catwalk for Versace six weeks after Savannah’s birth in 1994, with the support of Sly’s fitness and vitamin diet,” she told the Daily Mail. Stallone and Dickinson had been engaged for six months at the time. Everything appeared to be in order until the paternity test results arrived.

I discovered Sly had left his seat as I walked down the runway for the final time. I tracked him down at our motel. “He didn’t appear to be in a good mood,” she recalled. “She isn’t mine,” says the narrator. I just got a call from the Long Beach DNA lab. Savannah isn’t my property. ‘Send my best wishes to Mr. Birnbaum,’ he said as he stood up.” Stallone’s entire world had crumbled around him.

He had to live with the fact that he was not the father of Dickinson’s child, as well as the fact that he had broken up with Flavin as a result of the whole situation. He eventually found his way back to the love of his life, and the two have been happily married for over 24 years. Flavin gave birth to their three daughters, fulfilling his ambition of becoming a parent.


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