Touching Scene: Homeless Boy Does His Homework Using The Light From Local Restaurant

The little youngster, crouched low behind a makeshift wooden desk, appears to be utilizing the light from a nearby McDonald’s restaurant to help him see his schoolwork in the dim light.

Daniel Cabrera, a little child who aspires to be a doctor or a police officer, was observed studying on the streets of the Philippines in this inspiring snapshot.

Joyce Torrefranca, a medical student, saw the kid while going home late at night and was so affected that she snapped a short snapshot and posted it on her social media website.

The poignant photo of Cielo harks back to a similar one (pictured) taken in the Philippines in July of a young boy, Daniel Cabrera, on the streets using the light from the nearby McDonald's to help see his homework

Inspirational: Daniel lives with his mother and younger brother in a food stall without any walls

Daniel, 9, is a Grade 3 primary school student in Mandaue City, according to Rappler.

His second pencil was stolen from him by one of his classmates, now he just has one pencil.

After his father died in jail and his previous home burned down, he is thought to be living with his mother and younger brother in a tiny, wallless food booth.

Despite the terrible circumstances, Daniel is dedicated to his studies, and when his peers are out on the streets playing football, he can frequently be found studying in the restaurant’s light.

Joyce Torrefranca, a medical student, saw Daniel and uploaded the photo online, claiming she was ‘inspired by a youngster.’

The photo was rapidly circulated, and scores of people expressed their admiration for the young boy’s study efforts.

‘I didn’t imagine a little snapshot could make a significant effect,’ Joyce subsequently wrote. Thank you for sharing the photo with us. We were able to assist Daniel in achieving his goals as a result of this.’

Probert, Giomen Ladra Alayon also noticed the child studying on the street and struck up a discussion with him.

Giomen compliments Daniel, a nine-year-old, on his social media profile, writing:

‘His example makes us wonder: ‘If this youngster can accomplish it, why can’t we?’ Why do we need to pay a lot of money to travel to coffee shops, study centers, and other places to study when all we need is study materials and our own willpower?’

Joyce Torrefranca saw the young boy and felt so touched by his efforts, she took a quick photograph of him

The photos of Daniel  generated dozens of shares and comments with many people asking how they could help him

He hails Daniel Cabrera as the story’s “true star,” praising him for “inspiring us and undoubtedly sending an uproar in social media on what studying truly means!”

Alayon also expressed his opinion that Daniel’s approach should be emulated by more individuals.

‘Daniel perseveres because he knows how it feels to be without anything,’ he wrote. We can learn a lot from him. The most important lessons in life are taught by ordinary people, not by famous people. Keep your mind and eyes wide open.’

‘We should take notes from him.’ And I’m confident that with his dedication and effort, he will become someone eventually! God bless you everyone! ‘Hello there!’

A donation website for Daniel has been set up to honor the little boy’s devotion to his academics by urging people to contribute to his education.

The website has now raised £22,900 (about £329) and is over halfway to its goal of generating over £50,000 (approximately £700) to assist Daniel with his schoolwork.


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