Elderly Woman Faces Eviction From Home, Gets $16,000 In Online Donations So She Can Stay

As a child, Alice Smith developed polio. As a result, the woman in her sixties is both physically and psychologically handicapped.

Alice’s parents realized that due to her impairments, she would never be able to pay for her house in Haddenfield, New Jersey. So, before they died, they made arrangements for the house to be paid for so she could stay in it.

After decades, Alice was able to live there quite freely, but with the assistance of attendants. She fell behind on her payments and feared foreclosure when her taxes were raised to $8,500 per year.

The old woman, who was crippled, was going to be evicted from the only home she’d ever known.

“What would you respond if someone told you they wanted you to move?” FOX News questioned Alice.

“You’re going to hell!” she said.

The Smith family eventually ran out of money, and it didn’t help that New Jersey property taxes are among the highest in the country.


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