Heartbroken Father Watches Infant Son Fight For Life After Wife Pass Away At Childbirth

After his wife died during childbirth, a heartbroken father watches his little son fight for his life.

Lauren and Matt were married for 20 years and were the parents of three daughters, Ali Rose, Naomi Belle, and Layne Louise. And the prospect of having a son had filled the Accurso household with joy and hope.

“There was so much enthusiasm because they were having a boy after three girls,” said Matt McCloghry, the couple’s pastor. Lauren, 37, died on April 29 as a result of a rare medical problem that happened during childbirth.


Matt had to watch his newborn son battle for his life while being linked to tubes and machines while grieving over his wife and mother of his four children. Baby Matthew experienced a substantial degree of brain harm as a result of the delivery problems, and his little body struggled with cognitive function and growth.

Matt sat helplessly beside his son’s bedside, clinging to any hope he could find. “The ONLY hope in all of this could only come from his heavenly daddy, who breathed life into Matthew’s lungs from the start,” the father stated.

It was at this time that Matt began to think about miracles, having recently lost his wife and facing the prospect of losing his kid as well.

Matthew Jr. is dressed in clothing that Lauren hand-picked for him at the hospital. Jill confessed, “Every time I look at Matthew, I see Lauren.” “There is hope in the midst of disaster.”

The Accurso family, on the other hand, has a long path ahead of them.

Lauren’s homeschooled girls are grieving the death of their mother, while Matt must adjust to life without his sweetheart.

Residents of St. Augustine are rallying behind the family with meal trains, food, and donations in their time of need. “A lot of people are praying.” “So many people are praying,” McCloghry explained. “We must pray and beg God to do a miracle for us.” He has the ability to heal this child. “I believe Matthew will have a clean bill of health when he returns home.”


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