19-year-old Takes Her Special Needs Twin Brother To His Senior Prom When He Has No Date

Carlos Colon couldn’t wait to attend the senior prom at his school, but he didn’t have a date.

The 19-year-old had recently graduated from Haverhill High School in Massachusetts, which is no small accomplishment for a non-traditional student who is both blnd and autistic.

When Carlos’ twin sister Branna learned that he didn’t have a date for senior prom, she stepped in to help her brother.

“Just because he’s autistic and blind doesn’t mean he can’t have a good time.” According to Boston 25 News, “I’m thrilled he got to experience it and he danced a lot, so I’m very glad he went and all that.”

Last year’s senior prom was canceled due to the pandemic, so Branna was finally allowed to attend one this year.

Brianna, who recently finished her freshman year at Bryant College, told Boston 25 News, “I’m happy to have had this time with him and someone that I love so much.”

The siblings had the full support of their mother, Jomay Colon.

“Brianna came up to me and said, ‘Why shouldn’t he go?’ She lamented, “Just because he’s blonde and autistic doesn’t mean he can’t attend to a prom.”

Thrived and Survived

These twins are unique in that they were born at barely 24 weeks and weighed only a pound and a half. Carlos was bald soon after birth and had a bran bleed, and he spent four months in the hospital.

Despite the challenges they endured at birth, two siblings not only survived, but thrived, and on prom night, they both celebrated their accomplishments with a night on the dancing.

Carlos just graduated from Haverhill High School, but he plans to remain in the Life Skills Program until he turns 22. He intends to attend the Perkins School For The Blind in the future.


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