Dad Breaks Down as 2-Yr-Old Daughter Is Denied Entry on Plane— Woman Points at Toddler & Says “I Wanna Buy Her Ticket”

When his 2-year-old daughter is refused flying travel, dad breaks up with her— “I want to purchase her a ticket,” the woman replies, pointing to the toddler.

Most major airlines, as we all know, allow children under the age of two to ride free on domestic flights provided they sit on their parents’ laps. If the plane isn’t full, some parents are even ready to let the youngster sit in his or her own seat.

A young father, aware of this general norm, opted to purchase only one ticket for himself and his one-year-old daughter.

For a father on a tight budget, it seemed like a smart move at the moment.

However, there was one minor snag that the man overlooked while purchasing the ticket, which left him shattered and defenseless in the midst of a crowded airport. But, thankfully, God sent an angel disguised as a parent to assist him exactly when he needed it most.

An eye witness describes the poignant meeting that has spread like wildfire throughout the web in a Love What Matters original story:

“”This woman ought to be praised. When a father was checking in for his trip, the agent inquired about his daughter’s age.

He stated that she had just turned two years old. The agent then inquired as to whether she had a ticket. The man was perplexed since he had assumed she was entitled to a free trip. (She was one when he bought the ticket, but her birthday was in January.) He was overcome by emotion.

He said that he couldn’t afford to rebook this flight or obtain a ticket for her on such short notice. He took a step back and attempted to make a few phone calls. You could tell he was upset by the way he hugged his daughter and grabbed his head. The woman working at the front desk next to him overheard everything. She approached him and inquired as to what was wrong. They strolled up to the desk together after a brief conversation.

‘I want to purchase her ticket,’ she added, pointing back at his kid.

‘You realize how much this ticket costs, right?’ replied the agent.

‘$700 something?’ said the woman. ‘$749,’ said the agent.

‘That’s alright,’ she responded as she took out her credit card. I was standing there, and all I had to say to her was, “God Bless You!” and the ticket was printed. While the agent continued to discuss her feelings, the guy hugged the lady and asked for her name in order to compensate her. ‘Don’t worry about it,’ the woman continued repeating. She was determined to assist that man and his daughter at whatever cost. Please spread the word about this story because people like these need to be noticed.””

Over 10,000 Facebook users have flocked to one comment in particular, eager to learn who this anonymous stranger is and what motivates her caring goodness.

“I won’t say who this person is,” Jennica Kettle writes. However, I am acquainted with her. I once asked her what I could do every day to improve my chances of success. I was taken aback by her response [sic]. She recommended that you set aside time each day for contemplation, develop a list, and don’t leave your desk until the ten most essential tasks are completed, and that you express thankfulness on a regular basis. I know that her children and grandchildren regularly come together to discuss how they may use the richness and blessings they have to serve and give back to others. Every time I see her, she inspires me and is always willing to give. She is so full of love for everyone and always goes above and above.


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