3-Yr-Old Girl Gave A Gift To Her Favorite Bin Collector Without Knowing It Was His Birthday

Thursday mornings are anxiously anticipated by 3-year-old adorable girl, who gets to wave to her “favorite wonderful smiley trash man.”

They had only ever smiled and waved to each other from distance until recently. That small deed, however, quickly became a treasured aspect of the little girl’s week. As a result, Brooklyn went out one special day with a special surprise for her idol.

Brooklyn’s mother, Traci, told the tale to the City of Bloomington, who then publicized it on Facebook.

“HOLY COW… HOLY COW… HOLY COW… BROOKLYN’S BEST MORNING EVER (and me). What a way to start her birthday.

Thursdays are, without a doubt, her favorite day… trash day. She has been anxiously anticipating the arrival of the garbage truck at our house for over a year.

It started with waving from the window, then we had to attempt to be outside to wave, and when we spotted the trash truck driving by, I’d drive around the neighborhood looking for it and wave… on our way out the door in the mornings.

Every… Thursday, my heart bursts with delight when I watch Brooklyn’s joy when our amazing trash man honks and waves at her with a BG smile.

And this was the day we finally met him!!! I wrapped up one of Brooklyn’s birthday cupcakes and waited for him.

She dashed to the corner when he came down our street. We were waving as usual, and I motioned for him to approach us. He came to a halt, stepped out, and handed us his BIG smile.

As she handed him the cupcake, Brooklyn was dumbfounded. I told him that he brightens our day every Thursday, and we appreciate the honking and waving, as well as how unique a day it is for us.

Then… (heart melts)… He went on to say that he looks forward to seeing us every Thursday. He said that he has a meeting every Thursday morning and that he tries to get out of there as quickly as possible so that he can visit us every week. He laments the fact that he does not have any children of his own, but he mentors numerous children and adores them. I can’t believe I’ve never learned his name, so he’ll remain “our favorite wonderful smiley trash man” for the time being.

We continued on to childcare after he departed. In the backseat, Brooklyn was abnormally quiet. “Mommy, I’m very thrilled,” she said when I inquired whether she was okay.

So… here’s to “our favorite awesome smiley rubbish man”…

MANY THANKS!!! Thank you for bringing Brooklyn delight every Thursday morning, for making her birthday special, and for bringing joy to my heart. It may be a small gesture on your part, but it means a lot to us!”

The touching story of Brooklyn and her “smiley garbage guy,” Delvar Dopson, 34, struck a chord with people all across the world. Messages of support poured in on Delvar’s Facebook post, and he claims to have received emails from sanitation employees all around the country, as far as Japan and Canada!

The unexpected attention from his unlikely closest friend, on the other hand, hit home the most.

Brooklyn was in for another surprise now that the family had been able to identify the “smiley garbage guy.” She was out front the following Thursday with a thank-you sign for her hero, which he subsequently hung in the window of his garbage truck.

Devlar, on the other hand, had a surprise for Brooklyn – some belated birthday goodies. He’d discovered that she adored the Disney film Frozen, so he and his wife put together a Frozen basket and a Frozen art kit for her!

The actual gift, though, is the unique link that arose from a simple smile and kind wave.

Each of us serves a unique function in God’s eyes. And it appears that Devlar has discovered his!

“It doesn’t matter if I’m a garbage collector or a State Farm CFO. He said, “We all have to discover our gft and be effective.” “I mentor children, and that is my heart’s desire. This is my job, but my (life’s) work is… to educate the youth. I believe that everyone on the planet has a gift. When they discover that gift, that’s when they’ll be able to truly make a difference.”


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