Mom Teaches Her “Ungrateful” Daughter A Valuable Life Lesson After She Throws Gift In Trash

Haley Hassell, a mother, turned to Facebook to describe how she calmly yet efficiently handled the upsetting scenario.

Haley Hassell, a Florida mother, went viral after posting a “long mom rant” on Facebook after being confronted with a situation in which many parents are unsure what to do when their children are acting privileged and ungrateful.

Haley Hassell gave her kid a fresh new pencil case that she just discovered after visiting three stores. Her 6-year-old, on the other hand, threw a tantrum because she no longer wanted it. While Hassell tried to remain cool throughout, she became agitated when she discovered the LOL pencil case in the garbage. The bewildered mother then decided to turn this into a teaching opportunity, turning to social media to explain how she managed her anger and taught her kid a vital lesson.

“Mrs. Presleigh [her daughter] suffered a tough-love lesson today,” Hassell commented, uploading pictures of her daughter crying and the pencil case laying in the trash can. To buy that LOL pencil package you see in the garbage, I visited to three different places. She gazed at it and tossed it in the garbage and slammed the bedroom door when I surprised her with it this afternoon (knowing she would be ecstatic). ‘It’s incredible, everyone in my class has that…’ she said. ‘I’m not interested in it any more!’ “WHAT, STOP, COME AGAIN?” says the narrator. The mother, understandably enraged by her daughter’s attitude toward a loving girlfriend, wrote. Hassell was dissatisfied, not angry, since she hadn’t raised her daughter to be ungrateful.

“OK. So there was definitely smoke coming out of my ears by this time, and I’m trying very hard not to lose it on this kid that I’ve worked so hard to totally take care of financially on my own and make sure she always has what she needs and more. But I thought I had always taught her to be thankful and aware of her good fortune, but it appears she needed a little nudge! So, before I really lose it with my child, I stop myself and say, ‘Okay, that’s OK, let me go grab the one you’re going to use,'” says the author. Hassell continued, with an ingenious strategy to teach her kid a valuable lesson in gratitude.

“I returned with her new pencil box, which is the Ziploc bag [seen].” She had misplaced her mind! Suddenly, the LOL box she had just thrown away was sufficient, and the Ziploc bag was dreadful… However, it is much too late for all of that. I told her to take the LOL [box] out of the garbage and we’d find a kid to give it to the next day. One whose parents might not have the money to pay for school supplies, or who may not even have a mother or father. I explained to her that she is not entitled to anything special and that she is taking her good fortune for granted. So, for the time being, she’ll be using a Ziploc bag and delivering the nice box herself to a child who may benefit from it. Maybe I overreact at times, but I’d give everything to have all of the things she had as a child. “I genuinely believe that changing your perspective and being appreciative can turn around any situation in life,” she said of her incredible parenting technique.

Despite the fact that the incident was a perfect example of excellent parenting, many people did not like of the manner she used the internet to trash her own kid. “I received personal notes in my inbox accusing me of being a monster mother… They were accusing me of being a horrible parent, claiming that bad parents raise bad children. When I wrote it, I was just on a rage. I didn’t think anyone would want to share it. During an interview with Good Morning America, she explained, “People were saying I was publicly shaming my kid, which I don’t really agree with.”


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