Bride’s Parents Strongly Dislike Groom’s Apartment, Gets Wedding Cancelled: “We Don’t Want Her to Suffer”

Bride’s parents despise the groom’s apartment and have the wedding postponed because “we don’t want her to suffer.”

On Facebook, a young woman named Maryam Shetty described how her wedding was called off at her parents’ request.

Even though many people underestimate it, classism is still a big factor that kills many relationships, according to a woman.

Her parents do not want her to be in pain.

Shetty disclosed on Facebook that the bride’s parents believed the groom’s residence was unsuitable for their child’s position before the wedding was called off.

Her parents don’t like the place where her husband lives, she claims, and they don’t want her to “suffer.”

The groom and his family have turned down a new house.

The bride’s parents then offered the groom a new and better gift, which he and his family graciously rejected.

The aforementioned individual, according to Shetty, is not impoverished since he is educated and has a solid job.

Here’s what she wrote:

“You wrote my mind, Aisha Ismail.”

We are dealing with a true pandemic, particularly in Northern Nigeria, which is sometimes perpetuated by parents: classism.

A wedding was recently canceled because the bride’s family believed the residence she was planned to stay in was inappropriate for her rank and class. Wasn’t this a nice new terrace house? They stated that they did not want their daughter to suffer since she grew up in luxury!!!

The intended husband is a fine, well-educated man with a solid career who comes from an upper-class family; his parents said that was all they could afford to house her because the house was given to him by his father.

The bride’s parents even promised to find her a more suitable residence. The spouse and his parents, on the other hand, were adamant.

As a result, the wedding was canceled. She went on to marry a socialite who does virtually nothing. She essentially missed out on a fantastic individual.

Unfortunately, there are far too many of these stories. Weddings often canceled as a result of minor details and misguided priorities.

Ironically, the majority of these parents grew up without the goods they now value so highly. They never let their children go through life on their own.

Weddings and weddings have evolved into a competitive sport. It’s largely a grandiose display of riches, power, materialism, outshining others, and so on; it’s no surprise that weddings only last a second.


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