Blind Old Man Leaves Inheritance to His Grandson’s Best Friend

After attempting to make his best friend pay for a crime he did not commit, a youngster loses his inheritance to his best buddy, and somewhere in the midst of it all is a blind old guy who gambled big.

John was an 18-year-old from a wealthy family; his ancestors, the Ojais, had owned a slew of hotels throughout the world for decades, and they had benefited handsomely from them.

Kevin Ojai, John’s grandfather, founded the firm, and when he retired, he left it up to John’s father, Jacob, who had enlarged and grown it.

John was a joyful and flamboyant individual who had been raised in luxury and was so accustomed to it that he didn’t consider showing off new possessions to his closest buddy Clay.

John was an adrenaline junkie who lived on the attention that money could buy him. His name was enough to make any female swoon, and his appearance was flawless.

Clay, his best buddy, was the polar opposite of him. Whereas John craved attention, he preferred anonymity and even went to great lengths to maintain it.

His family’s situation in terms of money was only a notch above destitution. His father, the great deserter, as Clay dubbed him, had abandoned his mother when he was ten years old because she had a hole in her heart, according to the physicians.

Clay’s father had no interest in working for an invalid and her kid because of her physical condition, so he walked out one day and never returned.

After that, Clay had no choice but to man up, which he did. Until he was old enough to get hired for tiny jobs, he and his mother relied on handouts from church members and acquaintances.

He met John a year after his father had gone, and it didn’t take him long to realize that his new buddy was not from a low-income family.

Clay’s envy of John intensified as he got older, especially when he began to flaunt his wealth. He would say to himself, “He has it so easy.” What a life it is to be born into wealth.

Clay knew he shouldn’t compare his friend’s life to his own, but it was impossible not to, especially when dealing with a braggart like John. He possessed the most recent phone models, however Clay continued to use the same phone that he had to purchase on credit when he first began using it.

John crashed his pricey new Ferrari, which was a birthday present from his parents, only a few weeks ago. When Clay brought it up, John shrugged it off, claiming he had other vehicles.

“That’s no justification for being so careless with it,” Clay remarked.

“It’s not a big deal Clay,” John stated emphatically. “You also don’t have to be concerned about my parents. They wouldn’t have given me such a fast automobile if they didn’t want me to crash it.”

“However, you were on the verge of dying,” Clay mumbled, and John heard him.

“The main thing is that I didn’t die with the automobile Clay, so relax and let’s go play some video games.”

Clay met John’s rich grandfather one summer evening and liked him right away because, unlike John, he appeared simple and down to earth.

One day, John informed him about his grandpa, who had lost his sight a few years before, and how he would most likely inherit the man’s fortune since the guy had said in a family meeting that he intended to preserve it in the family.

“Mom and dad have their own money,” John boasted one day as they played computer games. “My mom believes it’s probable I’ll receive my grandfather’s shares in the firm, which are worth a lot.”

His grandfather’s health deteriorated a few months ago, and he was confined to his bed to rest. He adored John and would frequently request that he come visit more regularly so that they could spend his final days together.

John, on the other hand, did all he could to avoid the man, preferring to spend the time with his new girlfriend Sharon, which he did until his parents forced him to submit.

His father warned him, “Until you start acting appropriately toward your dying grandfather, your credit card will be limited to a thousand dollars every week.”

The man had a fiery personality, and John knew there was no going back once he made up his mind. But he needed more money to maintain his girlfriend’s attention.

He believed that by paying a visit to his grandfather, he would obtain money and, eventually, his inheritance. Clay would accompany John when he went to see the man since they have a good friendship.

They used to come see him when they were younger, and he would make time to tell them stories about the locations he had traveled, which were numerous. That’s why Clay decided to accompany John, who was afraid he’d go insane from boredom if he went alone.

All John did while they were there was whine about how he didn’t have enough money to live a happy life due of his parents’ harshness.

“Gramps, did you know that because I postponed coming to see you, my father cut off all of my funds? It irritates me that he is so domineering, you know “While his grandfather calmly listened, he said.

“Really?” his grandfather said, smiling. Is it necessary for me to reimburse you for your trips to your dying grandfather?”

Until his grandfather spoke again, John laughed awkwardly.

“I’ve decided to give some money to the orphanage,” he announced unexpectedly. You’ll discover $20,000 on the table behind you, which I’m willing to offer them. The remaining funds will be sent to you, but you will have to wait until my death to get them.”

His personal assistant was expected to transfer the money to the orphanage the next day, which is why it was left vulnerable in its current location.

Clay and John said their goodbyes to John’s granddad that evening. While they were doing so, John cast a brief glance towards his blind grandfather and then motioned Clay to be silent.

Clay stood there seeing his friend steal from his own grandfather, going into the money bag and plucking out a few dollars totaling $1,000. He was inclined to sound the alarm, but he refrained since he was concerned about the elderly man’s health.

Instead, he urged John to return the money quietly. The pampered brat, on the other hand, had just left the home. When Clay brought it up later, he informed him, “This is what I came for.”

The two lads returned the next day. Clay produced $1,000 from his savings account and placed it in the bag on the table.

He had no idea what John’s grandfather would do if he caught his grandson stealing, and he didn’t want to find out.

They had been there for two hours and were ready to depart when John ordered Clay to go to the kitchen to get some water for his grandfather.

Clay suspected the reason, but he couldn’t be sure, so he crept behind a door and peered out. He saw John take more money from the bag right in front of his grandfather, and he caught him doing it.

When the doorbell rang, he had just taken double of what he had taken the day before. It was the personal assistant of his grandfather.

The assistant explained, “I’m here to take the money to the orphanage.”

When John answered the door for him, the tall, slim guy in his late 30s walked directly to the bag and grabbed it, but before leaving, John’s grandfather requested him to count it to make sure there was no mistake.

John began to tremble, and the $2,000 he had taken in his pocket suddenly seemed very heavy. He also despised the notion that his grandfather seemed to be observing him.

He said to himself, “That’s crazy, he’s blind as a bat.” Maintain your composure; it was intended to be yours in the first place.

Following the count, the assistant discovered that there was only $18,000, not $20,000, and John instantly began pointing at Clay, who entered with a glass of water.

“ROBBER!” He yelled angrily. “He is both a thief and a liar!!! I HAVE NO DOUBT HE TOOK THE MONEY. HOW DARE YOU STEAL FROM MY OLD BLIND GRANDFATHER?”

Clay was taken aback by the unexpected change of events, but he chose not to defend himself so that the elderly gentleman would not be alarmed and have a heart attack.

“I’m sorry for taking the money; if you don’t mind, I’ll return tomorrow with it,” he stated as he walked out the door.

The next day, John’s grandfather invited him to see him and bring Clay along. “So, my grandson,” the old guy began when they arrived. I adore you to death. That’s why I’ve given it a lot of consideration and have ultimately decided to give all of my belongings to…”

“Thank you, Grandpa!” says the narrator. He was interrupted by John.

His granddad continued with, “…Clay.”

“WHAT?” John became enraged and screamed aggressively.

John was taken aback and could only utter a “Why?” as his mind raced.

“He’s been caring for his ailing mother,” John’s grandfather said, “but he helped you return the money you stole from the bag the first time you arrived.”

He gave Clay the deed right then and there, and the young man walked out a billionaire. As he walked away, the guy who had altered his life whistled to get his attention and said, “Boy, I really like your new green T-shirt! Haha.”

It was the final straw for John, who had been pleading for pardon on his knees. As he reflected on how he had screwed everything up, he burst into bitter tears.

His grandpa had been taking medicines to restore his eyesight and had started to see a bit, but it turned out that he had merely been acting to see how his relatives would respond, and John had failed the test.

“Please accept my apologies,” John remarked.

“Young guy, it’s too late. I simply hope your father sees fit to leave his fortune to you once he passes away “His grandfather said.

John cleaned up his behavior after that and began acting as though he deserved the wealth he would inherit from his parents.


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