Girl Writes a Letter to Santa Asking for a Wheelchair for Her Neighbor, 58, So He Can Visit Her

For Christmas, a small girl made a special request to Santa. Instead of toys, she requested a wheelchair for her next-door friend, who lost mobility in his legs three years ago and was unable to leave his house to play with her.

Saint Nick has a particular place in the hearts of children. Every year, children write impassioned letters to Kris Kringle, believing that he would grant all of their desires.

When a six-year-old girl shared her Christmas wish list with Saint Nicholas, she did the same. Her request, however, was unique for a child her age and left a lasting effect on her family.

Emanuelly da Luz Rodrigues with Ito Moreto. [Left] Emanuelly's letter to Santa. [Right] | Photo: |


Rodrigues, Emanuelly da Luz, was intelligent beyond his years. She was born in the town of Manoel Ribas, in the state of Paraná, in southern Brazil. She made an unexpected acquaintance with someone fifty years her senior three years ago.

Emanuelly turned out to be pals with her next-door neighbor, Ito Moreto. In 2018, Ito was involved in a tragic event that profoundly altered his life. He was looked after by a caregiver who took care of his daily requirements, including putting him out on the porch every morning.

On one of these days, the tiny girl ran into her older neighbor and, to their surprise, they became friends. Ito adored Emanuelly’s presence since she brought her toys with her.

Emanuel da Luz Rodrigues. | Photo:


Emanuelly, an exceptional child, was so moved by the spirit of Christmas that she chose to assist her buddy. She decided to write Saint Nick a letter, but instead of asking for toys or chocolates, she decided to do something entirely different.

Teachers at Emanuelly’s school and Ito’s 73-year-old mother noticed Emanuelly’s thoughtful gesture.

Emanuelly presented her proposal as a colorful painting. She sketched a motorized wheelchair for her neighbor and friend Ito, who lost his legs and hands mobility three years ago.

Emanuelly in her interview with NH Notícias. | Photo:

Emanuelly placed the note in her mailbox for her dear old neighbor, and her thoughtful deed was immediately noticed by everybody. Ito expressed his feelings in the following words:

“I’m speechless because what she did was so lovely. I don’t know what to say since she’s so little, yet it came from her.”

When asked what inspired her to write the letter to Santa, Emanuelly said she could always ask Father Christmas for gifts.

She wanted Ito to have a wheelchair so he could leave the house and go for a walk down the street.

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Emanuelly also stated that she longed for her elderly buddy to pay her a visit and play with her, so she requested a more comfortable chair for him. Her mother, Letcia da Luz Vieira, was impressed by her sincere wish, saying:

“We were taken aback, but her demeanor is refreshing.” She made the decision to seek the wheelchair from Santa Claus on her own.

Santa might not deliver the wheelchair on Christmas, her mother warned her, since it was too heavy. To grant their daughter’s heartfelt request, her family launched a fundraising drive, and various people of the community applauded their efforts.


That wasn’t all, though. Teachers at Emanuelly’s school and Ito’s 73-year-old mother noticed Emanuelly’s thoughtful gesture. Letcia said that her daughter’s wish to purchase a wheelchair for Ito would take time to come true.

She was grateful, though, that her young child had a heart that felt profoundly and cared for others. We applaud Emanuelly’s kind act for her elderly buddy. Her thoughtful gesture exemplifies the real spirit of the holiday season. You’ve done a fantastic job, little angel!


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