Within 15 Minutes On Facebook, Man Found His Biological Brother, Who He Searched For The Past 30 Years

Martin Hauser had wanted to discover who his biological parents were since he was a child.

Martin, who is fifty-nine years old, was adopted as an infant in 1962. He began looking for his birth family with the blessing of his adoptive mother thirty years ago. He got nothing but dead for years, sadly.

Martin only knew that he was born in Guilford County, North Carolina. He and his wife now live in Tucson, Arizona. He’s tried every DNA test imaginable over the years, but owing to North Carolina restrictions, he’s never been allowed to go deeper into adoption records to find the identity of the other parent.

With the passage of a state legislation in 2019, he received his first break in decades, allowing organizations to provide limited information to adoptees. He began working at the Children’s Home Society, and it wasn’t long before they discovered his father’s death certificate, Joseph B. Shaw, Sr.

Martin explained: “I found him in 15 minutes on Facebook.”

Joe Shaw has spent his whole life in Westfield, North Carolina. He had no idea he had an older brother growing up, so he was completely taken aback when he received Martin’s Facebook post. He responded Martin’s message after some prodding from his fiancée, Melissa.

They discovered they share the same mother and father after only 5 minutes of correspondence, making them complete biological brothers! They started talking on the phone almost every day and making arrangements to meet in person.

They finally had their opportunity in April 2021, when Martin and his wife travelled to North Carolina for an emotional reunion. No one could believe Martin’s good fortune in seeing each other since he wore a shirt that said “Big Brother Finally!”

Joe and Melissa were getting married, so the reunion happened at the best time. This event was the ideal opportunity to introduce Martin to his family.

“I never realized I had a sibling all these years,” Joe explained. “It was quite emotional.” So many things were going through my mind, and I was simply trying to express what was going on since it was the weekend before I was to get married.”

Both Martin and Joe feel as if a missing piece of the puzzle has fallen into place, and they are excited to get to know one another. Martin believes that their story may inspire other adoptees who are looking for their biological families to never give up!


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