105-Year-Old Man Goes To Hospital To Be With His 100-Year-Old Wife On Their 80th Wedding Anniversary

When couples become older, instead of spending time together at home, they often find themselves in a hospital or a care facility. A good example is the pair below. While his 100-year-old wife was in the hospital, the 105-year-old husband paid her a visit. Their entire family saw this tender moment.

Arthur and Marcia Jacobs are one of the country’s longest married couples. Even though their health is deteriorating, the elderly couple continues to demonstrate their love for one another on a daily basis. Because Marcia was a patient, Arthur and Marcia Jacobs spent their 80th wedding anniversary in a hospital room. When Arthur took his wife’s hand and spoke to her, they were surrounded by their children and grandkids.

The wife is not as communicative as she previously was, and she is not always aware of what is going on around her. Her grin, on the other hand, brightens a room when her spouse takes her hand in his and chats to her about their house and life together.

“I loved you for 80 years honey,” Arthur is heard saying in the video. “That’s a long time,” says the narrator.

Marcia looked to want to speak with Arthur while he held her hands. Unfortunately, she was unable to do so and could only gaze lovingly at her spouse. For a little moment, the technique he devised succeeded because she appeared to be her former self.


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