Groom’s Ex Crashes Wedding Wearing A Bridal Gown And Begs Him To Go Back To Her

The bride is taken aback when her groom’s ex-girlfriend shows up at their wedding in a bridal gown and begs him to return to her.

In desperate circumstances, drastic measures are necessary, such as gatecrashing your ex lover’s wedding while dressed in a lavish bridal gown.

A video of a shocked bride seeing her groom’s ex-lover seize her boyfriend, drop on her knees, and exclaim, “It’s my fault,” has gone viral.

The groom’s suit jacket is repeatedly tugged by his distraught ex, who begs for forgiveness.

The groom, on the other hand, is not impressed. He continues to back away.

After that, the wedding crasher sits on the floor, her hands in her face.

When the disaster occurred, the new bride and groom were going to kiss on stage.

As she sought to reclaim his black jacket, the ex was determined that she would win him back.

He consoled his bride throughout this time while the unpleasant episode transpired.

The genuine bride, however, was enraged by the woman’s emotional behavior and stormed off the stage.

The groom pursued his wife, leaving his ex in tears.

The viral 30-second video is claimed to have been shot at a wedding in China lately.

It was initially circulated by Chinese media after being posted by an entertainment blogger.

According to Star Video, a Hunan Legal Channel affiliate, the groom and his ex-girlfriend broke up because their personalities were too dissimilar.

When the woman unexpectedly showed up to his wedding, similarly dressed in an extravagant white gown, he was taken aback.

While the guy grabbed his startled fiancée’s hand in an attempt to calm her, his ex-girlfriend begged him to forgive her and give her another opportunity.

The wedding MC was likewise taken aback by the spectacle, remarking, “We have an unusual scenario here,” before going on to declare, “Perhaps this is the reality of love.”

The emcee then used a famous Chinese saying in an attempt to save the wedding: ‘If you ask life what love is, it is to give your life to someone else.’

The bride and her family were taken aback when the love rival showed up.

According to reports, the event took place in China.

According to The Daily Mail, web users on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, have shown their support for the bride and slammed her “irrational” ex-girlfriend.


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