Mother Goes Against Critics When Letting Her 2-Year-Old Son Wear Dress At Her Wedding

On May 11th, Joanna Mnuzzo, 39, of Carns, Australia, married her husband Najee, 31.

Joanna offered her son three outfit options ahead of her big day, including a kilt from her homeland of Scotland, where she was born.

However, he quickly fell in love with the clothes of his two elder sisters.

Joanna’s kid first expressed his interest in gowns in January of this year, when he requested his mother if he could wear his sister’s dress with a Mickey Mouse face on it.

The mother of three first told him no, believing that boys wearing gowns is not socially acceptable. She soon questioned her own reaction and decided to let her children “be who they want to be” and that she is “guided” by her son.

So, a week before the wedding, the mother borrowed a lovely blue frock for her son to wear on that special day from a friend.

The touching photographs show the groom assisting the boy to his outfit, and the toddler’s delighted expression is lovely.

Joanna was moved by her husband’s acceptance of their son’s outfit choice.

Many people have questioned why the mother allows her kid to wear “female” clothing, and others have informed her that she is “turning him queer,” according to the mother. Joanna thinks that’s utterly ridiculous, and she wants to raise kids who are confident enough in themselves to be genuine to themselves.

Joanna pointed out that there is a generation of people who are afraid to be themselves for fear of being criticized, and she wants her children to know that the only opinion that counts about them is their own.


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