Sisters Who Found Out about Each Other Two Years Ago Meet for the First Time after 73 Years

Christmas came early for two long-lost sisters who reunited after realizing they were related for the first time in 73 years. Find out more about their incredible journey.

Despite being sisters, Linda Hoffman and Harriet Carter had not seen each other in almost seven decades. That, on the other hand, was not their fault.

The sisters had no idea they were connected until they met by chance nearly two years ago after registering on

Harriet sent Hoffman a message indicating they could be connected, according to the Denver Channel. “We were 100 percent match,” she added, “but our parents never told a person.”

Carter was placed for adoption by her parents, who were 18 at the time of her birth, when she was born 76 years ago.

Hoffman was born three years after Carter, at the age of 73. Her parents, on the other hand, never told her about her elder sister and buried their secrets when they died decades ago.

Carter and Hoffman spoke on the phone after realizing they were sisters. They’ve been chatting to each other virtually every day since then. The sisters intended to meet in person thereafter, but because to the COVID-19 epidemic, they couldn’t do so right once.

The long-awaited reunion of the long-lost sisters took place last Tuesday, when they finally met for the first time in their lives.

Carter went to Denver International Airport from Sacramento, California, to meet with her sister. She remarked to Hoffman as soon as he saw her at the airport:

“Oh my God, that’s her,” says the narrator.

For the first time in their lives, the siblings hugged one other. Hoffman gushed over Carter thereafter, confessing that she reminded him so much of his mother.

Siblings who met for the first time after 73 years. | Photo: YouTube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel

The ecstatic sisters couldn’t take their eyes off one other and couldn’t stop looking at themselves. They caught up and glanced at old photographs Hoffman had packed before leaving the airport.

Carter was able to relive the experiences she had missed with her family thanks to the photos. “This image is sad because you’re not in it,” Hoffman commented when they were gazing at a photo.

Siblings who met for the first time after 73 years. | Photo: YouTube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel

Carter, on the other hand, opted to be philosophical about the new findings. She says that now that she is older, seeing all those photos of her family’s love, connection, and closeness is “particularly significant.”

Carter was greeted with an unique Christmas decorations room when she arrived at her younger sister’s house. As she gazed about the room, she liked everything she saw and expressed her admiration for them.

Siblings who met for the first time after 73 years. | Photo: YouTube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel

The long-lost sisters aren’t thinking about how much time has passed since they last saw each other. Instead, they will treasure the time they have left with one other.

Hoffman believes they met when they were intended to, but Carter believes everything occurs when it should. One must agree with them after seeing how things ended out in the end.


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