Neighboring Families Discover the Girls They Adopted from China Are Actually Sisters

Two adjacent families were taken aback when they learned that the girls they adopted from China are half-sisters, and they were astounded by the coincidence.

The world is full of apparently unbelievable stories and near-fictional coincidences. Nonetheless, the story of two US neighbors adopting half-sisters from separate Chinese cities has been dubbed “wonderful.”

The Maneage and Galbierz families of Weldon Springs are barely three minutes apart. There are a few things that the families share in common.

The little sisters, Ellianna Maneage and Kinley Galbierz in a picture together | Photo:

They go to the same school and go to the same church, where they used to be members of the same Bible study group.

The families, who both have biological children, got closer during an adoption seminar for waiting families in 2008.

Ellianna was adopted two years later by the Maneage family.


The Galbierz family was on the verge of adopting in 2012. For the adoption to move forward, Paige Galbierz requested that her friend Staci Maneage send a letter of recommendation. When China’s one-child policy was still in effect in 2013, the Galbierz family travelled to China to meet and adopt Kinley.

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Paige then posted a photo of Kinley on Facebook, which struck a chord with Staci. For a variety of reasons, she couldn’t help but notice a striking resemblance between the tiny girl and her adoptive daughter.

The girls appeared to be similar, according to Staci, and they quickly became friends. Staci, on the other hand, believes the girls share more than just visual features. The girls’ personalities and activity levels were considered to be similar.

Despite Staci’s warnings, Paige didn’t appear to notice the parallels at the moment. She believes the girls, who come from a country with a population of over a billion people, are unlikely to be related.

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Ellianna was found in a hospital in Longgang, while Kinley was found outside a bus station in Zhuhai city, a distance of more than two hours. The families adopted the daughters through a variety of agencies. They began their adoption adventure at different times as well.

Despite this, Staci expressed her dissatisfaction with the idea that the two females were linked. Staci asked Paige whether she would be prepared to have the girls’ DNA checked, despite her husband’s opposition. Paige hesitantly decided to put the subject to rest.

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The girls were 99 percent related and most likely half-sisters, according to the DNA results, but it remained unclear who their shared parent was. Because this situation is so unique, adoption counselors were stumped when it came to advising the parents on how to break the news to their daughters.

Shortly after informing the Galbierz family, the Maneage family told Ellianna, who had previously seen similarities between the two families. Everyone in both families stated it took some time to digest the news.


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