Officer Forgives and Buys Christmas Dinner for a Family Caught Shoplifting Groceries

One police officer was dispatched to deal with a family who stole food from a neighborhood supermarket. However, their terrible position moved him, and he decided to do something unexpected.

A police officer was dispatched to a shoplifting incident at the end of 2020. The officer in Somerset, Massachusetts, was prepared to capture the suspects, but he had no idea what would happen next.

Two ladies, accompanied by two small children, were accused of stealing from the Stop and Shop a few days before Christmas. What he observed astounded Ptlm Matt Lima of the Somerset Police Department.

Instead of pressing charges, a police officer gave a group of shoplifters some money to buy food | Photo: Twitter/nypost & Twitter/mikesacconetv


Lima said that the group was being detained by Loss and Prevention, and he couldn’t help but wonder about their position when he saw the four of them. “I have two children myself, about the same age as the two girls that were there,” he stated.

To learn more, the officer chose to talk with one of the ladies. “The woman I spoke with indicated she was working, but the children’s mother was not working and had some other family concerns,” Lima said.


The goods they took, according to the suspect, were meant to provide them with a sumptuous lunch on Christmas Day.

When the police saw what they had stolen, he said it was only food.

He stated, ” “Nothing else was on there, such as health and beauty products, shampoo, or anything like that… When I inquired about the other goods they had planned to take, I was advised that they had been returned.


Despite the fact that Lima thinks that all residents should follow the law, he chose to give the organization a chance.

“Clearly, this family was in need,” he explained, “and I can’t image having to make the decision.”

The women were taken aback when they learned Lima had not filed charges. They were appreciative for the officer’s assistance, but he wasn’t through yet. Lima also wanted to offer them something to brighten up the holiday season.


He presented the ladies with a $250 gift card. They were able to stock up on adequate food for the holidays. According to the officer, “I simply did what I thought was proper. It has nothing to do with me. I simply attempted to put myself in that family’s situation and express some empathy.”

His kind gesture meant a lot to the group and demonstrated the power of a single act of kindness. Lima was complimented by Chief George McNeil for assisting those in need, and he was glad that the officer chose to show them some compassion and care.


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